25 New Year Resolutions for subtle body (inner) purification

Hari OM

Dear All,

GF’s Kripa, Karuna and Prema for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Please implement as many as you can from the following resolutions for this New Year for your speedy inner (subtle body) purification.

All are requested with Divine Blessings to adhere to / implement at least 3 to 5 or more of the following resolutions.

1. To perform Japa or Meditation daily for minimum 20 minutes.

2. To witness Anger and consciously control it.

3. To stop lamentation completely.

4. To give up hatred /resentment in any form.

5. To provide food for minimum 1008 people in a year.

6. To start daily worship involving both mind and body fully after bath invoking Ganeshji, ancestors, Kula devatha and Ista devatha along with any other remedial prayers.

7. To be kind and good without loosing temper and balance towards your family members, staff and maids.

8. To respond to conflicts and controversies instead of reacting.

9. Not to find fault with others or being judgemental and instead – being self introspective and reforming.

10. To give up guilts of the past if any and try consciously to sin no more.

11. To feed 1008 birds and / or total 1008 dogs / cows/ horses in the year.

12. To visit an old age home and a Prison on your birthday or your on your family member’s birthday to address them compassionately and help them in whatever manner you could.

13. To visit a blind school or a centre for deaf and dum or physically challenged and spend minimum 3 -6 hrs in a day.

14. To provide clothes for at least 11 men and 11 women

15. To provide some assistance for marriage of a poor girl.

16. To help at least 16 patients towards medical assistance.

17. Always in practical situations of life, Not to discriminate people based on caste, creed, religion, race or language.

18. To visit at least 3 Divya Desams and 3 Shiva sthalams extolled by Nayanmars.

19. To visit at least three or more of the following Temples for Peace and Spiritual gains:

Shirdi Sai Ram Temple/ Vaishnavi Devi Temple/Puri Jagannath Temple/Udipi Sri Krishna Temple/ Sabarimala Iyyapan Temple/ Sri Badrachalam Ramadoss Temple/ Thiruvidaimaruthur Sri Mahilingam Temple/ Pandaripuram Sri Pandurangan Temple/ Sri Mushnam Bhoovaragha Perumal Temple/ Sri Guruvayoor Temple/ Annavaram Temple/ Melkote ( near Bangalore) Perumal Temple/Kukke Sri Subramanya Temple/ Sri Kanch Kamakshi Temple/ Kaladi – Sri Adisankara’s birth place temple/ Sri Ramanasramnam and Thiruvannamalai Temple/ Sri Rangam/ Thirukaddiyur/Sri Rajarajeswarar Temple, Taliperamba – Kerala and Madura and Vrindhavan.

20. To observe Jain Vegetarian food on all Thursdays, Amavasya and festival days.

21. To be Vegetarian on Thursdays and / or to fast on Ekadashi days with Jain minus rice food.

22. To quit Drinking and / or Smoking.

23. To help a corporation or a panchayat school by providing educational assistance / aids.

24. To quit usage of leather goods.

25. To quit Non-Veg Food.

GF’ Blessings.

Om Tat Sat.