KARNA PARVA (Mahabharata)

Hari Om Karna parva has 96 chapters and 5175 slokas in it. After the slaughter of Dronacharya, distressed Duryodhana and others kings went to Asvatthama. While consoling grief-stricken Asvatthama, they suggested him to follow the system of science. Later, they returned back to their camps at the time of sun set. Though they were at … Continue reading KARNA PARVA (Mahabharata)

Luck through Desh, Kaal and Paatra

Hari Om If you’re someone who believes that luck is a matter of chance and has nothing to do with your own will and choice, well, it’s time to change your mind. Richard Wiseman, a British psychologist, has studied this phenomenon and proved we can actually influence luck. Ask a dozen people whether they have … Continue reading Luck through Desh, Kaal and Paatra

Pitru Paksha 2020 – Dates and Guidelines

Hari Om, Sri Maha Ganapathaye Namaha! Sri Gurubhyoh Namaha! Om Sarva Pitru Devaaya Namaha! Mahalaya Paksha (Pitru-Paksha or Srardh days) – 1st September to 17th September 2020 What our Ancestors (Pitrs) can do speedily for us even Gods/ Deities cannot do. Have you ever felt that for no apparent reason, you are constantly suffering? You … Continue reading Pitru Paksha 2020 – Dates and Guidelines

Ganesh Chaturthi

Hari Om SALUTATIONS to Lord Ganesha who is Brahman Himself, who is the Supreme Lord, who is the energy of Lord Shiva, who is the source of all bliss, and who is the bestower of all virtuous qualities and success in all undertakings. Mushikavaahana modaka hastha, Chaamara karna vilambitha sutra, Vaamana rupa maheshwara putra, Vighna … Continue reading Ganesh Chaturthi

150 Ways (Acts) to Show Empathy, Kindness and Compassion

Hari Om Empathy is the awareness with understanding of feelings and emotions of others. When empathy is cognitive, it is just empathy or sometimes sympathy, when it is emotional, empathy can manifest as Kindness and when it results in acts of kindness for relieving others from suffering, they turn out to be acts of Compassion. … Continue reading 150 Ways (Acts) to Show Empathy, Kindness and Compassion

You Can Become A YOGI

Hari Om TRUTH knows no death; no birth. It is Eternal; has always been, will always be. Time cannot exhaust its force, for it carries its power within itself. Deep in the heart of Truth is hidden an object we all are groping for. It is power. It is power from the Divine side of … Continue reading You Can Become A YOGI

Never Give Up Your Balanced Nature

Hari Om One fine morning, a Sadhu went to the river to take a holy bath. There he observed a scorpion struggling for life in the water. He was aware that the scorpion would not be able to swim its way back to life, so he decided to rescue it. He took it in his … Continue reading Never Give Up Your Balanced Nature

Eradication of Bad Karma (Sins) and Purifying the Soul — Hinduism’ Perspective

Hari Om ”Everyone wants be happy and not sad. Everyone wants be good and not bad.” Firstly, Let us understand the definition of sin in Hinduism. “Sin is any conscious act which intentionally causes suffering to another sentient being.” (paropakāra puṇyāya pāpāya para-piḍanam) Secondly — 3 R’s are important for eradication of sins. 1. Recognise … Continue reading Eradication of Bad Karma (Sins) and Purifying the Soul — Hinduism’ Perspective

The Divine Weddings of Lord Muruga

Hari Om The Weddings I. Deivayanai Lord Shanmukha after His victory over the Asuras released all the Devas, who had been groaning as prisoners under the tyranny of the Asuras. To the great joy of the Devas, Subrahmanya returned to Tiruchendur with His victorious army and stayed there for a while. The Devas, along with … Continue reading The Divine Weddings of Lord Muruga

Karmas and Diseases

Hari Om Introduction It is common nowadays to hear it said that the Puranas are very unreliable scriptures and that they indulge in unlimited exaggeration about very many things. These critics say that the Puranas contain gross overstatements and preposterously puerile attempts to cajole or to cow down the reader with citations like the grandiose … Continue reading Karmas and Diseases