Time has come to put an end to mind’s (karmic camera) incessant inner chattering

Hari Om

At the outset would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2020 with GF’ prayerful and Vishesha Blessings for security, peace, all-abundant-auspiciousness and eternal Happiness.

Attach your mind (the karmic camera) to GOD and detach it from the world and repeat this exercise untill you regulate and retain control of your mind. Minimum of 20 mins (if not half an hour) , Meditation or performing Japa is a must for removing the conditioning of your mind to improve your decision making capabilities and to strengthen the purification process of your heart. If we have not started this spiritual exercise, let us start with determination, from this New Year.

Do not tell me , that you do not have time!

Save time to meditate by curtailing some of the following activities:

Unnecessary gossip and talking over the phone

Reading newspaper gossip columns

Some wasteful obligatory duties

Surfing net or watching TV in the name of Entertainment and relaxation

Sitting idly watching the inner chattering

Sleeping at odd hours

Visiting places or shops without genuine purpose

Unnecessary arguments with family or friends

Worrying and dwelling in the past.

Spending our precious time on social media without specific aim or purpose

The only way to cross over the turbulent ocean of material energy and its inherent nature of impermanence and grief, is to attach your mind to God and detach it from the world.

By continuously and meticulously chanting Lord’ name, for a length of time, focussing our mind on the Ishtadevatha or favourite deity, we burn our bad karmas and empower our free-will to make right decisions by the Grace of the Lord. This will also increase our deep sleep hours of sleep (Shusupti), which is very important for healthy living and thinking.

Dwell in God and Deal with the world affirmatively and tranquilly.

Thank you for reading this and immediately implementing this.

GF’ Blessings…..🙏😊✋️