• FAQ: Why sometimes even horoscopes-matched marriages fail?

    December 7, 2022 by

    Hari Om Answer: Traditionally when matching of birth charts (Kundli) is done, it is done with respect to the Moon’s Nakshatra placement (Janma nakshatra) only and other planetary configuration and other criteria are not studied thoroughly due to inaccuracy in birth timings or insufficient computations. In the Kaliyuga, Mana Porurutham (emotional or mind matching) is… Read more

  • GRATITUDE – The most Important Value for Happiness

    November 18, 2022 by

    Hari Om “Gratitude is essentially the recognition of the unearned increments of value in one’s experience.” Gratitude is an inherent quality that resides within all of us. It is expressed in a variety of different contexts. Gratitude is a stance we voluntarily take. we can adopt it through the difficult seasons of life as well… Read more

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