Worship of ATMALINGA

Hari Om The worshipping of The Atmalinga originated from the Mahabaratha. As it goes, Alankarapriyo Vishnu, Abhishekapriyah Sivah—Lord Vishnu is very fond of Alankara (decoration done with a fine dress, ornaments, etc) and Lord Siva is fond of Abhisheka. Most often, in The Siva temples, a pot made up of copper or brass with a … Continue reading Worship of ATMALINGA

All Navagraha Temples in Chennai and Tamilnadu

Hari Om NAVAGRAHA TEMPLES IN CHENNAI Temple - Planet - Location 1. Agatheeswarar Temple – Surya Graha (Sun) – Kolapakkkam 2. Somanaadheeswarar – Chandran (Moon) – Somamangalam 3. Vaidheeswarar – Angaragan (Mars) – Poonamallee 4. Sundereswarar – Budhan (Mercury) – Kovur 5. Ramanaadheeswarar – Guru (Jupiter) – Porur 6. Valeeswarar – Sukran (Venus) – Mangadu … Continue reading All Navagraha Temples in Chennai and Tamilnadu

Who are Dearer to God?

Hari Om From the Bhagavad-Gita, it can be understood that although God is equal to all and shows no particular preference or favor to anyone, He responds to the love of his true devotees who fills their minds exclusively with him, remain ever absorbed in him and worship him with supreme devotion. They are the … Continue reading Who are Dearer to God?

Lord Hanumanji – The Ten Miraculous Facts

Hari Om Our hearts get filled with devotion and reverence as soon as someone mentions Lord Rama’s ardent devotee Shri Hanuman. Widely known as Bajrangbali, he is an extremely powerful and miraculous deity, and immediately lends a helping hand as soon as he hears his devotee being in trouble. Since he eliminates all the troubles … Continue reading Lord Hanumanji – The Ten Miraculous Facts

Sankatahara Chaturthi – The Important Vrat Ritual

Hari Om Sankashti Chaturthi (Hindi: संकष्टी चतुर्थी, Telugu: సంకటహర చతుర్థి, Tamil: சங்கடஹர சதுர்த்தி, Gujarati: સંકષ્ટી ચતુર્થી ) also called Sankatahara Chaturthi in south Indian states, is an auspicious festival for Hindus, celebrated in honour of Lord Ganesha. Each lunar month in Hindu calendar has two Chaturthi Tithis. The one after Purnimasi or full moon during … Continue reading Sankatahara Chaturthi – The Important Vrat Ritual

Who is a True Devotee (Uthama Baktha)?

Hari Om A true devotee will love God to attain God instead of using God to attain World. A true devotee will see God in Everything and Everyone with Equal Vision which is Wisdom. Consciousness (Our Awareness) when purged out of all limitations such as Mind, Intellect, Ego, Senses, Body, and world becomes God in … Continue reading Who is a True Devotee (Uthama Baktha)?

Lord Ganesha and His 32 Forms

Hari Om Lord Ganesha One of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon, Lord Ganesha’s icons are found throughout India. Besides all sects of Hinduism, Jains and also Buddhists also worship him in India and abroad. 32 Forms of Lord Ganesha Lord Ganesha is invoked as Vighneswara in the launch of an … Continue reading Lord Ganesha and His 32 Forms

Sundaramurthi Nayanar (Sundarar)

Hari Om Sundaramurthi Nayanar Sundaramurthi Nayanar flourished in the 8th century. He was a great devotee of Lord Siva. He is one of the Tamil Samaya Acharyas (four Tamil religious Teachers). Sundaramurthi Nayanar sang the glories of Lord Siva at all the sacred places that he visited. These hymns are called Thevaram. They have been … Continue reading Sundaramurthi Nayanar (Sundarar)