Prayers for Healing the World

Hari Om

God does not want to see or talk to us now as He is angry with all of us (Humanity) for consistently flouting and abusing the rules of Dharma — Non-violence, righteousness, togetherness, and tolerance. That is why all Gods of Temples, Churches and Mosques have closed their doors refusing to see or talk to us. The only way we can make God talk to us again is by praying for All, seeing oneness in All and helping All.

Let us pray, help ever and hurt never sticking to Non-violence policy and universal compassion.

God has always been kind to Humanity. So let us pray to beat this pandemic by invoking His prayerful Blessings. Let us not believe in rumors, exaggerations, fake news and negative propaganda.

Times may not be good but Bhagawan (God) is more powerful than the times as He swallows time.

All will end well. He will deliver.

With GF’ and Divine Mother’s prayerful Blessings, let us start a positive chain…just start saying to everyone and to yourself….

– I am healing.

– The world is healing.

– All are recovering.

– We all are happy and healthy.

– The earth is becoming better place to live.

– Economy will be restored sooner

– The earth will be secured and safe to Live

– Humanity will be protected

– We will be successful and peaceful

– All living beings will be happy

Pls join this chain 👏👏💐💐💐

Thank you.

GF’ Blessings


Our Prayer to GF: