Alangudi – Sri Guru Bhagawan Temple

Hari Om

The Devas, when churning the paarkadal for nectar, were hindered by the poisonous fumes from the snake Vasuki and prayed to Lord Siva for deliverance. Lord Siva consumed the deadly poison (Ala Visham), thus giving rise to the name Alangudi to this Temple (sthalam) and the Lord came to be known as Sri Aabathsagayar.

Lord Ganesha subdued Gajamuhasuran who gave the Devas a horrid time and he is thus worshipped in this sthalam as ‘Kalangaamal kaatha Vinayagar’. Ambal undertook severe penance and married Lord Siva and hence this place is hailed as Thirumana Mangalam. This sthalam is the Parivara sthalam for Madhyarjuna Mahalinga Peruman. This is the fourth amongst the Panchavarunya Sthalas. Vishwamithrar, Thirumal, Brahma, Lakshmi, Garuda, Ashta Thikku Balagas, Ayyanar, Veera Badrar, Mukunda Chakravarthy, Suvasanan, Sundarar have worshipped at this sthala.

Lord Siva as a ferryman(boatman) was helping Sundaramurthy Swamigal cross the river (Vettaru) which was in spate, to reach this sthalam. The boat capsized hitting a rock, when halfway. Lord siva seated on his Rishaba Vahana helped him reach the sthala safely. Sundarar received his Gnanaupadesam after his darshanam of Dakshinamurthy at this sthala. Fame, wealth, siblings are the beneficial aspects of Guru.

The sthlam of Guru Bhagavan is Alangudi, 17 kms from Kumbakonam enroute to Mannargudi. His wives are Tharai, Sangini. The presiding deities are Kasi Aaranyeswarar and his consort Elavarkuzhali. This is the remedial Temple (Parihara Sthalam) for planet Guru (Jupiter) as per Vedic Astrology. Govindavadi near Kancheepuram, Thittai Guru Temple near Tanjore and Takkolam Guru sthalam near Arakonam are also Guru parhara sthalams.

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