Guruji’s 5G and Meditation

Hari OM Associate yourself with utmost faith and devotion always with Guruji's 5G (given below) for purifying your body and mind so as to acquire spiritual awareness, devotion and knowledge towards ultimate truth, leading to liberation or Moksha. This planet earth is not a waiting Hall to kill time or doing always worldly duties for … Continue reading Guruji’s 5G and Meditation

Importance of Nithyakarma (Daily Worship) / Japa / Upasana

Hari Om Karma binds everyone including God, when He is in human form. Curses are invited through karmas that affect others negatively. Even good actions can sometimes hurt people and can invite curse - so we have to be very conscious while performing actions, that we do so without hurting or harming others. Sin is different from … Continue reading Importance of Nithyakarma (Daily Worship) / Japa / Upasana