Introduction to Brahma Sutras (by Swami Sivananda)

Hari Om Hari Om! Salutations to Sri Vyasa, the Avatara of Vishnu, the wise Badarayana and Sri Krishna Dvaipayana. Vedas consist of three portions viz., the Karma Kanda which deals with sacrifices or ceremonial rites, the Upasana Kanda which treats of Upasana (worship) and the Jnana Kanda which deals with knowledge of Brahman. Karma Kanda … Continue reading Introduction to Brahma Sutras (by Swami Sivananda)

Reincarnation and Law of Karma – The Hindu Origination

Hari Om While Reincarnation has been believed and taught in nearly every nation, and among all races, in former or present times, still we are justified in considering India as the natural Mother of the doctrine, inasmuch as it has found an especially favorable spiritual and mental environment in that land and among its people, … Continue reading Reincarnation and Law of Karma – The Hindu Origination


Hari Om The adoration hymn to Hiranyagarbha (Cosmic Mind) who is therein described as the lord of the universe: "In the beginning rose Hiranyagarbha, Born as the only lord of all existence. This earth he settled firm and heaven established: What god shall we adore with our oblations? Who gives us breath, who gives us … Continue reading THE MYSTICISM OF VEDIC METAPHYSICS (THE UPANISHADS)

Katha-Upanishad – II

Hari Om Part Fourth I The Self-existent created the senses out-going; for this reason man sees the external, but not the inner Atman (Self). Some wise man, however, desiring immortality, with eyes turned away (from the external) sees the Atman within. In the last chapter the Ruler of Death instructed Nachiketas regarding the nature and … Continue reading Katha-Upanishad – II

Dreams – An Introduction

Hari Om The analysis of dreams and their cause by psychoanalysts are defective. They maintain that the cause of dream creation lies in the suppressed desires of the dreamer. Can they create dreams as they like by suppressing desires? No, they cannot do that. They say that desires stimulate or help the dream creation. But … Continue reading Dreams – An Introduction

Sage Yajnavalkya of Mithila

Hari Om The name of Yajnavalkya of Mithila stands distinguished both in the Srutis and in the Smritis. Yajnavalkya is especially known for his unsurpassed spiritual wisdom and power. The seer of a Veda Samhita from Bhagavan Surya, the revealer of Brahma Jnana to Janaka, Maitreyi and others, Yajnavalkya hails supreme among sages of sacred … Continue reading Sage Yajnavalkya of Mithila