Unknown Stories from Mahabharata

Hari Om Rukmi offers help Rukmi, Rukmini’s brother, nursed a grudge against Krishna. Rukmi had wanted his sister to marry Sishupala, but Rukmini herself, had preferred Krishna. She secretly wrote to Krishna asking him to save her from this marriage saying that she preferred to marry him instead. Krishna therefore, carried away Rukmini just before … Continue reading Unknown Stories from Mahabharata

Interesting Stories from Mahābhārata

Hari Om Duryodhana’s three regrets Duryodhana lay dying on the battlefield. He took shallow breaths, his life hanging on by a thread, as tears rolled down into the soil. “If only... if only...” His mind raced as they thought of the mistakes that had brought about his tragic end. “If only,” he thought, “I had … Continue reading Interesting Stories from Mahābhārata