Idol Worship in Sanatana Dharma

Hari Om Idol or Murthy (Vigraha), Sun, Fire, Water, Ganga, Saligram, Linga are all symbols or Prateekas of God which help the aspirants to attain one-pointedness of mind and purity of heart. A symbol is absolutely indispensable for fixing the mind. The Christians also have got the symbol ‘cross’. A gross mind needs a concrete … Continue reading Idol Worship in Sanatana Dharma

Moksha or Enlightenment

Hari Om Moksha Moksha is the summum bonum of life. Moksha is the fulfilment of life’s purpose. Life ends on this earth plane when you attain Moksha or liberation from birth and death. The realisation of your real object in life is freedom or Moksha. Moksha bestows on you eternal life of undecaying bliss and perennial joy. … Continue reading Moksha or Enlightenment

Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi

Hari Om Introduction Sri Ramana Maharshi was born on 30th December, 1879. He was known as Venkataraman. Born in a pious middle class Brahmin family, he went to a mission school and learnt a little English. Flight From Home On the 29th of August 1896, Venkataraman left his home in the district of Madurai in … Continue reading Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi

Guru Nanak

Hari Om Birth Whenever there is a big catastrophe in the land, whenever there is decline of righteousness, whenever there are oppression and chaos in the land, whenever the faith of the people in God wanes, great men or saints appear, from time to time, to enrich sacred literature, to protect Dharma, to destroy unrighteousness … Continue reading Guru Nanak

Twenty Hints on Meditation

Hari Om The following are the important twenty hints on mediation given by Yogi Sri Swami Sivananda. 1. Have a separate meditation room under lock and key. Never allow anybody to enter the room. Burn incense there. Wash your feet and then enter the room. 2. Retire to a quiet place or room where you … Continue reading Twenty Hints on Meditation


Hari Om "I am the richest man in the whole world. My heart is full. Further, all the wealth of the Lord belongs to me now. Hence I am king of kings, emperor of emperors, maharaja of maharajas...." Swami Sivananda Sarasvati (1887 - 1963) is a great yogi who has written about 200 books on … Continue reading SIVANANDA GITA

Dreams – An Introduction

Hari Om The analysis of dreams and their cause by psychoanalysts are defective. They maintain that the cause of dream creation lies in the suppressed desires of the dreamer. Can they create dreams as they like by suppressing desires? No, they cannot do that. They say that desires stimulate or help the dream creation. But … Continue reading Dreams – An Introduction


Hari Om Let us see the meanings or probable effects, as per Vedic scriptures (excerpts from "Phiolosophy of Dreams" by Swami Sivananda), of various dreams (objects, persons or situation) that we may experience during our dream states (of sleep). Abuse: There may be a dispute between you and the person with whom you do business. … Continue reading DREAM-SYMBOLS AND THEIR MEANINGS


Hari Om According to encyclopedia of psychology, Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.  Anger may be a good thing sometimes. It can give you a way to express negative feelings, for example, or motivate you to find solutions to problems. But anger should … Continue reading HINTS FOR CONTROL OF ANGER

Sanchita, Purushartha And Prarabdha Karmas

Hari Om Tarkash (quiver), the case in which arrows are accumulated represents Sanchita Karmas; the arrow that is ready for shooting represents our Agami Karma and the arrow which has left the bow, which cannot return and which must hit the target represents Prarabdha Karma. The store-room is the Sanchita. The articles that are put … Continue reading Sanchita, Purushartha And Prarabdha Karmas