Develop Cosmic Love by Swami Sivananda

Hari Om O man, where do you search for God? All these forms are manifestations of the Lord. See the Lord in these forms. If you serve all beings with Narayana Bhava, you really serve the Lord. Service of humanity is service of the Lord. Service of humanity is really worship of your tutelary Deity … Continue reading Develop Cosmic Love by Swami Sivananda

You Can Become A YOGI

Hari Om TRUTH knows no death; no birth. It is Eternal; has always been, will always be. Time cannot exhaust its force, for it carries its power within itself. Deep in the heart of Truth is hidden an object we all are groping for. It is power. It is power from the Divine side of … Continue reading You Can Become A YOGI


Hari Om Peace Chant OM! That (the Invisible-Absolute) is whole; whole is this (the visible phenomenal); from the Invisible Whole comes forth the visible whole. Though the visible whole has come out from that Invisible Whole, yet the Whole remains unaltered. OM! PEACE! PEACE! PEACE! The indefinite term "That" is used in the Upanishads to … Continue reading Isa-Upanishad

Ashtavakra Gita

Hari Om Ashtavakra Gita or the Song of Ashtavakra, also known as Ashtavakra Samhita is an Advaita Vedanta scripture which documents a dialogue between the Perfect Master Ashtavakra and Janaka, the King of Mithila.— The translation here is by John Richards, and is presented to the public domain with his affection. The work has been … Continue reading Ashtavakra Gita

FAQ: Who is a Guru?

Hari Om According to Vedic scriptures, the Guru is God Himself manifesting in a personal form to guide the aspirant. Grace of God takes the form of the Guru. To see the Guru is to see God. The Guru is united with God. He inspires devotion in others. His presence purifies all. The Guru is … Continue reading FAQ: Who is a Guru?