Hari Om There was once a fair princess in the country of Madra, and her name was Savitri. Be it told how she obtained the exalted merit of chaste women by winning a great boon from Yama. Savitri was the gift of the goddess Gayatri, wife of Brahma, the self-created, who had heard the prayers … Continue reading STORY OF SATYAVAN and SAVITRI

Katha-Upanishad – II

Hari Om Part Fourth I The Self-existent created the senses out-going; for this reason man sees the external, but not the inner Atman (Self). Some wise man, however, desiring immortality, with eyes turned away (from the external) sees the Atman within. In the last chapter the Ruler of Death instructed Nachiketas regarding the nature and … Continue reading Katha-Upanishad – II