Worship of Siva Linga (by Swami Sivananda)

Hari Om The popular belief is that the Siva Lingam represents the phallus or the virile organ, the emblem of the generative power or principle in nature. This is not only a serious mistake, but also a grave blunder. In the post-Vedic period, the Linga became symbolical of the generative power of the Lord Siva. … Continue reading Worship of Siva Linga (by Swami Sivananda)

Appudi Nayanmar

Hari Om In devotion to the Guru, Appudi Nayanar excelled. He was an ardent Siva Bhakta. He was leading the ideal householder’s life. He belonged to a Brahmin family in Tingalur in the Chola kingdom. Appudi had heard of the glories of Tirunavukkarasar or Appar. He had heard of how God’s grace made the stone … Continue reading Appudi Nayanmar

Shiva Panchakshara Stotra

Hari Om Lord Shiva is the destroyer among the trinity (Brahmā, Vishnu and Shiva) and is worshipped as their main deity by millions of Hindu devotees. The holy word chant to worship him is made of five letters and is popularly called Panchakshara- “Na Ma Si Va ya”. In this popular stotra each of these … Continue reading Shiva Panchakshara Stotra

Appar – The Great Saiva Saint of Tamilnadu (also known as Tirunavukkarasar)

Hari Om Appar is one of the four Tamil Samaya Acharyas. He was a contemporary of Sambandhar. He was a Vellala or Tiru Amur in the district of Cuddalore, Tamilnadu. He was born of Pugalenar and Mathiniar. The parents gave the name Marulneekiar (dispeller of darkness or ignorance) to Appar. Appar means father. Sambandhar gave … Continue reading Appar – The Great Saiva Saint of Tamilnadu (also known as Tirunavukkarasar)


Hari Om Siva is known by the name ‘Girisa’, as He is the Lord of the Mount Kailasa. Siva is called ‘Tryambaka’, because He has a third eye in His forehead, the eye of wisdom (Jnana Chakshus).The word ‘Hara’ is derived from the root ‘Hru’ to take and the suffix ‘Ati’, for He removes (Harati) … Continue reading LORD SIVA AND HIS LILAS