Shiva Raksha Stotra with Meaning

Hari Om This great Stotra was divulged by Lord Shiva himself to sage Yagnavalkya in his dream. Asya Sri Shiva Raksha stotra mantrasya For the chant of Protection of Lord Shiva Yagna Valkya rishi The sage is Yagna Valkya Sri Sadashivo devatha God is Sada Shiva Anushtup chanda Meter is Anushtup Sri Sada shiva preethyartham … Continue reading Shiva Raksha Stotra with Meaning

Lord Siva – In Vedic Scriptures

Hari Om Siva is the third person (Deity) of the Hindu Triad. As Brahmā was Creator, Vishnu Preserver, in order to complete the system, as all things are subject to decay, a Destroyer was necessary; and destruction is regarded as the peculiar work of Siva. This seems scarcely in harmony with the form by which … Continue reading Lord Siva – In Vedic Scriptures

Lord Siva’s Mother

Hari Om In ancient days, there lived a rich merchant named Dhanadatta in Karikal in South India. He had no child. He worshipped Lord Siva. He had a daughter through the grace of the Lord. The child was called by the name Punitavati. Punitavati came to be later on called by the name Karikal Ammaiyar … Continue reading Lord Siva’s Mother