Hari Om The adoration hymn to Hiranyagarbha (Cosmic Mind) who is therein described as the lord of the universe: "In the beginning rose Hiranyagarbha, Born as the only lord of all existence. This earth he settled firm and heaven established: What god shall we adore with our oblations? Who gives us breath, who gives us … Continue reading THE MYSTICISM OF VEDIC METAPHYSICS (THE UPANISHADS)

Katha-Upanishad – I

Hari Om Peace Chant May He (the Supreme Being) protect us both, teacher and taught. May He be pleased with us. May we acquire strength. May our study bring us illumination. May there be no enmity among us. OM! PEACE! PEACE! PEACE! Part First I Vahasrava, being desirous of heavenly rewards (at the Viswajit sacrifice), … Continue reading Katha-Upanishad – I

Katha-Upanishad – II

Hari Om Part Fourth I The Self-existent created the senses out-going; for this reason man sees the external, but not the inner Atman (Self). Some wise man, however, desiring immortality, with eyes turned away (from the external) sees the Atman within. In the last chapter the Ruler of Death instructed Nachiketas regarding the nature and … Continue reading Katha-Upanishad – II

The Eternal Companion

Hari Om A TTE (Traveling Ticket Examiner) in a train found an old worn out wallet in a compartment which was full of people. He looked inside the wallet to find the name of its owner. There was no hint. All that the TTE could find there was some money and a beautiful picture of … Continue reading The Eternal Companion