Hanuman Chalisa – Why is it so powerful!

Hari Om Why is the Hanuman Chalisa so powerful! Lord Hanuman is often referred to as the “Chiranjeevi” (the Immortal). In India, Lord Hanuman is revered by most of the Hindus and other Indian religions. It is believed throughout our scriptures that the soul never really dies and keeps reincarnating from one form to another. … Continue reading Hanuman Chalisa – Why is it so powerful!

Eternal Hanumanji

Hari Om Hanuman, Invincible and Immortal  It is well known that Hanuman was the son of Vayu (god of the wind) and Anjana (celestial nymph). Even when he was a little child, Hanuman had great super powers. One such day, when he saw the sun rising, he assumed it was a lustrous yellow ball. He instantly … Continue reading Eternal Hanumanji