The Significance of Devi Worship

Hari Om Sri Gurubyoh Namah! Sri Matre Namah! It is important for all to know and rightly understand the real spirit and significance of Devi worship so that tangible spiritual and material benefit of a lasting character may be derived by everyone to a maximum extent. Rightly understood, the method of this worship shows you … Continue reading The Significance of Devi Worship

Durga Suktam with Meaning

Hari Om In the Rg Veda,we have many verses that are in relation to a particular energy principle,deity or truth. A Suktam is a collection of verses (called riks) that have a common feature. In Durga Suktam,most of the verses are in praise of the Fire God (Agni). Agni represents the power of action.Mother Durga … Continue reading Durga Suktam with Meaning