The Great Vedic Deities of Vedic Metaphysics

Hari Om Agni, the fire god, was closely associated with Indra, and is sometimes called his twin brother. The pair were the most prominent deities in Vedic times: about 250 hymns are addressed to Indra and over 200 to Agni. Indra gave the “air of life” to men; Agni symbolized the “vital spark”, the principle … Continue reading The Great Vedic Deities of Vedic Metaphysics

Vedic Astrology – The Navagrahas

Hari Om The Vedic (Hindu) astrology is based on an elaborate calculation of the position of these planets at the time of one’s birth. For example the zodiac is divided into twelve zodiac houses of 30 degrees each called Rasi. The planet Sun travels to one of these houses each month. Similarly other planets have … Continue reading Vedic Astrology – The Navagrahas