Brahma Vidhya – From Ego to Absolute Consciousness

Hari Om Ego (mind) manifests itself as emotions such as greed, anger, jealousy, guilt, hatred, lust, resentment, fear, doubt, grief, arrogance, pride, and so on. Whenever you feel any of the above qualities manifest in you, please ask yourself this question, “Why do I feel this way?” …and you will find that it is Ego … Continue reading Brahma Vidhya – From Ego to Absolute Consciousness

Brahma Vidhya (Science of God)

Hari Om Brahma-Vidhya (science of God), is the Science of sciences. The knower of Brahma-Vidhya or the Science of Brahman or the Science of the Absolute, knows everything. His knowledge is full. He has the whole experience through intuition or revelation. Take your firm seat on the rock-bottom of the Upanishadic truths and accept the … Continue reading Brahma Vidhya (Science of God)