Greatness of Sri Hanuman

Hari Om Sri Hanuman was born of Anjani from Pavana, the wind-god. He was named Hanuman after the name of the city of Hanumpur over which his maternal uncle Parti Surya ruled. Hanuman's body was hard as a stone. So Anjani named him Vajranga. He is also known by the names "Mahavir" or mightiest hero … Continue reading Greatness of Sri Hanuman

Lord Hanumanji – The Ten Miraculous Facts

Hari Om Our hearts get filled with devotion and reverence as soon as someone mentions Lord Rama’s ardent devotee Shri Hanuman. Widely known as Bajrangbali, he is an extremely powerful and miraculous deity, and immediately lends a helping hand as soon as he hears his devotee being in trouble. Since he eliminates all the troubles … Continue reading Lord Hanumanji – The Ten Miraculous Facts

Untold Stories from Ramayana

Hari Om  The Ramayana is one of the great epics of Hinduism. This powerful  mythology, written by Sage. Valmiki  under the instructions of Sage Narada, imparts many treasured lessons on the importance of ‘dharma’, karma, loyalty, commitment to parents and duty towards citizens.  There are however, some lesser known parts from this great epic.  Hanuman – Incarnation of Lord Shiva … Continue reading Untold Stories from Ramayana