You Can Become A YOGI

Hari Om TRUTH knows no death; no birth. It is Eternal; has always been, will always be. Time cannot exhaust its force, for it carries its power within itself. Deep in the heart of Truth is hidden an object we all are groping for. It is power. It is power from the Divine side of … Continue reading You Can Become A YOGI

Never Give Up Your Balanced Nature

Hari Om One fine morning, a Sadhu went to the river to take a holy bath. There he observed a scorpion struggling for life in the water. He was aware that the scorpion would not be able to swim its way back to life, so he decided to rescue it. He took it in his … Continue reading Never Give Up Your Balanced Nature

Eradication of Bad Karma (Sins) and Purifying the Soul — Hinduism’ Perspective

Hari Om ”Everyone wants be happy and not sad. Everyone wants be good and not bad.” Firstly, Let us understand the definition of sin in Hinduism. “Sin is any conscious act which intentionally causes suffering to another sentient being.” (paropakāra puṇyāya pāpāya para-piḍanam) Secondly — 3 R’s are important for eradication of sins. 1. Recognise … Continue reading Eradication of Bad Karma (Sins) and Purifying the Soul — Hinduism’ Perspective

The Divine Weddings of Lord Muruga

Hari Om The Weddings I. Deivayanai Lord Shanmukha after His victory over the Asuras released all the Devas, who had been groaning as prisoners under the tyranny of the Asuras. To the great joy of the Devas, Subrahmanya returned to Tiruchendur with His victorious army and stayed there for a while. The Devas, along with … Continue reading The Divine Weddings of Lord Muruga

Karmas and Diseases

Hari Om Introduction It is common nowadays to hear it said that the Puranas are very unreliable scriptures and that they indulge in unlimited exaggeration about very many things. These critics say that the Puranas contain gross overstatements and preposterously puerile attempts to cajole or to cow down the reader with citations like the grandiose … Continue reading Karmas and Diseases

THE LAW OF KARMA — The Yogic Perspective

Hari Om "Karma" is a Sanscrit term for that great Law known to Western thinkers as Spiritual Cause and Effect, or Causation. It relates to the complicated affinities for either good or evil that have been acquired by the soul throughout its many incarnations. These affinities manifest as characteristics enduring from one incarnation to another, … Continue reading THE LAW OF KARMA — The Yogic Perspective

The Indian Systems of Philosophy

Hari Om The Hindus classify the systems of philosophy into two classes, namely, the nâstika and the âstika. The nâstika (na asti "it is not") views are those which neither regard the Vedas as infallible nor try to establish their own validity on their authority. These are principally three in number, the Buddhist, Jaina and … Continue reading The Indian Systems of Philosophy

More Stories from Mahabharata

Hari Om Dhridhrashtra’s sight Krishna tried to make the Kaurava’s see reason, in order to avoid war. So he reached Dhridhrashtra’s court and tried to make peace. However, Duryodhana and his brothers were not amenable. Karna too, was eager for war. Even as the king, Krishna, Drona and the other elders advised avoiding a battle, … Continue reading More Stories from Mahabharata

Untold Stories – From Mahabharata

Hari Om Seeking blessings The war was just about to begin. The two armies – that of the Kauravas and the Pandavas – were arrayed facing each other, on the battlefield. Yudhishtra suddenly got down from his chariot and walked towards the Kaurava camp. His brothers were surprised and worried. They called out to him, … Continue reading Untold Stories – From Mahabharata

Untold Stories from Mahabharata

Hari Om Suyodhana becomes Duryodhana When Duryodhana was born, his happy mother Gandhari named him Suyodhana or ‘great warrior’. However, he later preferred to be called by the name ‘Duryodhana’ or ‘he who is unconquerable. Duryodhana is believed to be an avatar of the Demon Kali. In character, Duryodhana was a generous and righteous king. … Continue reading Untold Stories from Mahabharata