Vedic Astrology – Prasna Analysis on Global issues

Hari Om

Whenever Saturn /Jupiter conjunction happens with nodes i.e., Ketu in Pisces and Rahu in Virgo, a new era or chain of events of the world begins with change of power equations / cultural/ economic/ literary changes/ revolutions etc., which can be verified from historical events and happenings like rise and fall of Roman, Byzantine (Eastern Roman), Greek, Egyptian, British empires etc.,(Approximately nodes take 18 years to come around the Zodiac and Saturn takes 29.5-30 years and Jupiter about 12 years for one complete transit cycle. Approximately Saturn/Jupiter conjunction Can happen once in 20 years and this in conjunction with nodes in Aries / Virgo can happen once in 280-300 years.

In this mundane chart of the new Era, which started in 1921 we see, various interesting probable developments including rise of USA, Fall of European empires etc., and presently since 2019 June until 2035 October, Mars (which is in Maga star – Gandanta point of 1921 chart) will be the Dasa and the turn of events may see new power equations emerging, including probable fall of US / European economies, China and India rising, Rebellion rise in China forcing China to probably become like broken USSR in the next 10-15 years , serious unrest in Middle East, East and many parts of the world. Economy may suffer until 2023. 2023-2028 recovery may happen to see a new fall /big recession again in 2030 (all these we pointed out in our blog article of April 2020). Planetary configurations with 2 eclipses in October indicate natural and terror disasters in many parts of the world during October 2023 – April 2024 claiming peace and lives.

The planetary configurations within the periods of 2029-2032 are showing exact replica of Mahabharata war period’ configuration indicating also as per present prasna chart a probable Massive world war arising out of Chain of Middle-East conflicts, Eurasia issues and South Eastern tensions (Taiwan / China). This does not rule out the possibility of two major groups lining up with US – NATO and others (most likely India too) in one Axis and Arabs / China-Iran-Russia-North Korea on the other Axis causing heavy damages to West Asian countries and world peace.

Astrologically, present war may give a short term success to Israel but there may be intense terror / guerrilla activities in West Asia (Middle-East) Palestine region for next 3-4 years affecting its peace and culminating in events as described above around 2030.

Only redefined capitalism without greed but with empathy / compassion focused on individual motivation and social responsibility (Dharma) will be the new order of the world post 2032 wars promising reasonable sustenance, balance and righteousness and which also indicates bright economic future for India.

In Vedic Astrology for example, when Shani Dev (Lord Saturn) moves into the Rohini star constellation (nakshatra) once in every 30 years (also in 2030-32), this is one of the most dreaded transits of the kings and their kingdoms. Vedic scriptures say “Kings will die and kingdoms will fall when Shani Dev enters Rohini”. Last time when Shanidev entered Rohini in May 2001, the entire Royal family of Nepal was wiped out in June 2001. It was followed by the death of a minister and Raja of Gwalior Sri Madhav Rao Scindia in September 2001 in a plane crash. Then came the 9/11 strike by Osama Bin Laden. Saturn’ next transits in Rohini Nakshatra : 06th june 2030 to 12th December 2030, 25th March 2031 to 15th July 2031 & 05th January 2032 to 29th March 2032. Its last transit in Rohini Nakshatra was 2001-02.

Astrology then is a science of study like any other. The easiest thing is to denounce it as bunkum. But history and events have shown otherwise.

The above reading is purely based on Vedic Astrology principles and should be taken only as an academic report and not for any guidance or advisory for political purposes or for investments/ business decisions or as biased opinions.

What we must do as a responsible citizen and human?

In line with the sayings, Everything happens for a reason” and “This too shall pass” we should be hopeful, positive and faithful. We should look forward to be more disciplined, hardworking and clever to turn the situations around. The man and nature are in healthy contest always. In the age of Science and Technology, we moved so fast that we forgot our role and responsibilities in the universe. This is the time now to change our habits, re orient our thoughts, energies and actions to operate differently and make necessary changes. Let us gallop the horses of our ambitions with proper speed, acceleration and discipline as Mother Nature will always hold the reins. Let us recall our Rigveda quote “Only by indulging in good deeds can one expect good results” at this moment.

May GF and Sri Ambal shower their infinite Grace on Humanity for sustained peace, security and wisdom. Let us all develop cosmic love with compassion, empathy and friendliness with everyone.

Thank you.

GF’ Blessings.

Om Tat Sat