FAQ: Why sometimes even horoscopes-matched marriages fail?

Hari Om


Traditionally when matching of birth charts (Kundli) is done, it is done with respect to the Moon’s Nakshatra placement (Janma nakshatra) only and other planetary configuration and other criteria are not studied thoroughly due to inaccuracy in birth timings or insufficient computations.

In the Kaliyuga, Mana Porurutham (emotional or mind matching) is equally important as Jataka or horoscope matching. This can be achieved only by dating of boy and girl for few weeks to few months prior to engagement or prior to wedding.

A holistic view of the birth charts individually to be ascertained while matching.

The following five levels of matching to be analysed.


Emotional or Attitudinal




For easy reference we can remember as PEPSI

When horoscopes are matched with respect to Moon’s placement there is a chance that a best match ends up in divorce. This is what happens in software based matching many times without an expert involvement.

Each horoscope has its own desires, emotions attitudes and necessities. We need to carefully check their synchronisation and compatibility and then check their levels of patience and compromise. Both these factors are very important as the lifestyle of a modern family requires a unique blend of both. Apart from this, in Kaliyuga when both boy and girl are educated and programmed by their own whims and fancies propelled by their Freewill use or abuse, it is better to organize a meeting of the boy and girl after horoscope matching and to allow them to date for few days or weeks / months to understand each other before wedding and to ascertain the attitudinal matching and emotional matching between them and also in many cases we advise even family level (members) spending times together to understand temperaments through few or more meetings prior to marriage for a length of time and for arriving at proper understanding of individual and collective expectations.

Answer to longevity of marriage lies in D9 (Navamsa) chart broadly – if 7th lord of D9 chart is not well placed or heavily afflicted, it indicates a divorce.

No amount of horoscope matching will work if a person concerned is not destined to have a stable marriage which can be seen only through Prasna or Divine guidance. Also prior to wedding of a child, parents should remove all possible curses, doshas and sins through proper remedial actions, rituals and restitutions.

And interesting thing is that in case of failed marriages, both partners have badly placed 7th lords in D9 charts! most of the times.

As if they are destined to come together and make life hell for each other!

In spite of all the above matchings and carefulness still marriages can sometimes fail if the partners abuse their Freewill due to past strong indelible karma or prabla prarabdha, which of course can be only seen in advance if we are destined to see for a remedy due to excessive Punya karma of the parents and / or ancestors.

Recall from Ramayana —Sri Vashista Maharishi fixed a date for Sri Rama’ Pattabhishegam and without getting crowned as King of Ayodhya Sri Rama with Sitamma goes to forest obeying the instructions of His mother Kaikeyi.

Does this mean Sri Vashista Maharishi did not know in advance that the event of coronation of Sri Rama would not happen?. No he may not have read it due to positive gestures of wishing auspiciousness always for his subjects. But later on that event of Sri Rama Pattabhishegam happened after 14 years with full grandness and gaiety.

Therefore no prayer or wishes/ sankalpa or praising of Deities will never be wasted and they will always culminate into good results or events in the present or near future.

Let us continue to pray to increase punya balam dharma balam and karma balam to overcome all negative karmas of the past.

So let us follow all the following three steps before we finalize a wedding:

Horoscope matching

Mind (Emotional) matching or manaporutham through meetings or dating

Removal of all ancestral, generational and traditional curses and astrological doshas prior to wedding through proper prayaschitta karma or remedial measures — This will be generally automatic if one is devoted to Kuladevata (family deity), ancestors (Pithrs) and Almighty through Nithya and Naimithya karma.

Hope it is clear.

GF’ Blessings.