Play the Drums of Victory

Hari Om

A king had many elephants, but one elephant was very powerful, very obedient, sincere, intelligent and skilful in fighting skills. In many wars, he was sent on the battlefield and he used to return only after gaining victory to the king.

He, therefore, was the most loved elephant of the king. Time went by and there came a time when the elephant started getting older. Now he was not able to perform as before. Therefore, now the king did not send him to the battlefield but he still remained a part of his team.

One day the elephant went to the lake to drink water, but his feet got stuck in the mud there and then went on sinking. He tried a lot, but he could not remove himself out from the mud. People came to know from the sound of his screams that the elephant was in trouble. The news of the trapping of the elephant also reached the king. All the countrymen, including the king, gathered around the elephant and made various efforts to get him out of mud. But after trying for a long time, there was no way out.

At that time, Lord Gautama Buddha was passing on the road. Gautama Buddha first inspected the site of the incident and then suggested to the king that the battle drums should be played around the lake. The listeners felt bizarre how the trapped elephant would come out by playing the battle drums but as soon as the drums of war started ringing, so did the change in the gesture and attitude of that troubled elephant.

At first, the elephant slowly stood up and then came steadily out of the mud on his own with enthusiasm, shocking everyone.

Gautama Buddha then explained, “There was no lack of physical ability of the elephant, only the need to infuse enthusiasm within it”.

To maintain enthusiasm in life, it is necessary to maintain purposeful thinking and positive mindset. We should not let despair dominate

In today’s tough times,we all need to motivate and enthuse ourselves & people around us with Hope & enthusiasm by playing the battle drums to remind affirmatively that we will again celebrate abundance of good health, joy, delight and happiness tomorrow.

We should stop asking people how tough times are treating them, instead we must share the happy moments and what good things are happening around us.

Make sure the battle drums are played to declare not that a war has started but the victory in the battle of difficult times with the support of positive and good people like you around.

Encouragement with positive mindset is the need of the hour that we all need to keep all of us motivated, loved, enthused and feeling confident in ourselves and what we do. It’s the most important requirement for our psychological and wholesome health and it certainly can give us the same amount of joy to give it to others as it is to receive it from others. We all know what it may feel like to pursue something—whether it’s starting out a new venture or project, trying out a new creative art, or trying to make small adjustments in our lives or to star implementing a plan —and not receiving any feedback, motivation or encouragement. Probably we may want to quit and we may feel difficult to stick with our goals. Besides, it can lead to demotivation. Because God created us and knows this about our nature and behaviour, he has provided countless verses through the seers in the religious scriptures to not only encourage or motivate others but also to teach us the importance of lifting up all those around us.

Just think how our community could change for the better with a little more encouragement between neighbors instead of community message boards filled with complaints only. Or how strong our team at work could become if every member of the team talked up their teammates’ work instead of their own accomplishments in order to move ahead. What a happy world that could be!

Help ever! Hurt never!

Play the Drums of Victory!

GF’ Blessings.