FAQ: If this universe is perfectly based on a Grand Design of the creator and everything is as it should be, why then is my life totally messy?

Hari Om

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people’s lives fall apart, or even come to an untimely or premature end. For example My own elder brother died at the age of 8, long before he ever had a chance to live or miss his dreams.

Why did that happen?

It just did happen probably owing to his past karma and destiny and the human mind asking these kind of cosmic “Why (s)” might only drive itself crazy beyond control. Because the mayic (delusive) mind exists always ‘in the dream (Swapna),’ and cannot comprehend why things go the way they do, any more than I can comprehend why, in one of my dreams, I was able to fly simply by flapping my arms.

Using judgmental words like ‘perfect or absolute’ and ‘must or should’ are misleading and favor erroneously our mind rambling or wallowing in its own self-righteous spiral dream space.

When such ‘Why’ arises, Change immediately your mind by instructing “Nothing is out of order in the universe that is based on a Grand Design of the creator (God), and everything is as it is (or as it should be)” as these are the two statements which are truly incontrovertible to eliminate the question “Why.”

A person who believes that he can change or control his life through manipulating or adjusting other minds or external parameters of this material world —will live and finally leave this world without happiness and will be reborn to suffer again. He will also leave his kith and kin in suffering.

The enlightened individual (who is always in the present accepting the present (NOW) as it is) is really someone who has come to terms about the truth which basically all of us spend our lives unintentionally trying to avoid. He doesn’t learn something new or unclear truth, but ‘unsees’ with wisdom everything that was already untrue. In other words, there is the perfect negation of what was always untrue, and also not the acquisition of some new knowledge. The truth is that this whole universe is based on one Grand WILL, and so therefore all our individual attempts to control it, pin it, resist, influence over it, or hold onto it, are not only futile, but absolutely absurd, like a dog chasing its own tail. The Earth is a planet filled with lunatic minds, that seriously trying to stick pins onto their own ends, because we cannot stand the fact that we are all the elements of one unified process. Why can’t we stand it? Because it means that we can’t hold on to each other, or the world, because there is no ‘I’ that is essentially separate from that which I am attempting to hold on to. It is somewhat ironic, then, that in the end, it will be our futile attempts to control or save the world that will be what actually destroys it.

The true teaching is that Enlightenment is a state of the fullest consciousness—a state in which the soul is relieved of all the illusion of separateness and relativity, and enters into a state of Universal Consciousness, or Absolute Awareness, in which it is conscious of Infinity, and Eternity—of all places and things and time. Enlightened state, instead of being a state of Nothingness, is a state of “Everything ness.” As the individual soul advances along the Path it becomes more and more aware of its connection with, relation to, and identity with the Whole (or Fullness) . As it grows, the Ego I (self) enlarges and transcends itself to be, and it learns to identify itself in a constantly increasing scale with the Universal Life. It feels a sense of Oneness in a fuller degree, and it sets its feet firmly upon the Path toward Moksha or Nirvana. After many weary lives on this and other planets—in this and other Universes—after it has long since left behind it the scale of humanity, and has advanced into god-like states, its consciousness becomes fuller and fuller, and time and space are transcended in a wonderful manner. And at last the goal is attained—the battle is won—and the soul blossoms into a state of Universal Consciousness, in which Time and Place disappear and in which every place is Here; every period of Time is Now; and everything is “I.” This is Nirvana or Moksha. Though we talked about achieving this state through series of advancements or weary lives, in reality one can achieve this by mindfully being in the present always by avoiding consciously judgements and any type of identifications or labeling.

In the Karmic Cycle, we will never know the reasons why certain things happen. Good things could happen to those who do wrong; similarly, those who do good, could undergo negative experiences. This is because, what we experience currently, could be the results of good/bad Karmas of past lives or even good/bad Karmas in this one – and therefore, how can we judge something or someone based on what we see before us now?

Living in the present moment (NOW) involves two important conscious actions — 1) no longer worrying about what happened in the past and 2) not fearing or imagining what will happen in the future. It means enjoying what’s happening now and living for today.

Living in the past or the future not only robs of our enjoyment today, but it also robs of our truly living. The only truly valid moment is the present moment.


Be in the Now and Be Free.

GF’ Blessings.