150 Ways (Acts) to Show Empathy, Kindness and Compassion

Hari Om

Empathy is the awareness with understanding of feelings and emotions of others. When empathy is cognitive, it is just empathy or sometimes sympathy, when it is emotional, empathy can manifest as Kindness and when it results in acts of kindness for relieving others from suffering, they turn out to be acts of Compassion.

A good act of kindness can emanate from a person who shows compassion and love to another person. The gesture is lovingly (or compulsorily) done out of the person’s good nature (of heart), with absolutely no expectation of any kind of reciprocation.

These acts of kindness can be performed towards someone whom we know like a family member, friend, relative or sometimes even to an unknown stranger. We may perform an act of kindness towards others to make them feel happy, appreciated, motivated or valued.

Oftentimes, the act of kindness is contagious resulting in participation of others repeating or improving the act of kindness to help the beneficiary. When we do something kind to another person, often people will tell someone else about it or take action and do something kind for someone else or to the same person, if that person is in need of further help or assistance and therefore such actions will result in broadcasting a positive message about being kind-hearted.

The Bhagavad-gita explains that the best way to become good is to become godly. The Bhagavad-gita verses 12.13-14 proclaim that compassion for all living beings is the foremost value among the defining qualities of devotees. All living beings (be it human, animal or plant or any other being) are precious members of the one divine family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) . Devotion for Lord Krishna is complete only when it includes all those whom he loves.

adveṣhṭā sarva-bhūtānāṁ maitraḥ karuṇa eva cha

nirmamo nirahankāraḥ sama-duḥkha-sukhaḥ kṣhamī. – 12.13

santuṣhṭaḥ satataṁ yogī yatātmā dṛiḍha-niśhchayaḥ

mayy arpita-mano-buddhir yo mad-bhaktaḥ sa me priyaḥ – 12.14

Meaning: Those people are very dear to Me who are devoid of malice toward all living beings, who are friendly, kind and compassionate. They are free from material attachment to possessions and egotism, balance with equanimity in happiness and distress, and ever-forgiving. These devotees are ever-contented, firmly united with Me through devotion, self-controlled, firm in conviction, and dedicated to Me in mind and buddhi (intellect).

When compassion is a stand or position taken instead of it being part of inherent nature, one may give it up when they no longer need to look good. When compassion is an emotion, one may neglect it when something else makes one feel good. But when compassion is a foundation forming natural part of their character, being an integral attribute of the very purpose of one’s existence, then it remains forever and makes a lasting impact.

Benefits from the acts of empathy, kindness and compassion

Research studies have revealed or established that empathy, kindness, compassion and giving are always associated with one or more of following benefits:

• Enhanced happiness

• Positive mental health

• Healthy immune system

• Appreciable Reduction in anxiety, stress and depression

• Promoting relationships

• Increase in Longevity

• Social Recognition

• Positive feelings

• Improved Spiritual capabilities

• Assured Blessings from others and God

150 acts or ways of showing empathy, kindness and compassion are listed below:

1. To pray for the living and dead (including our forefathers/ancestors)

2. Posting frequent kind messages on social media posts

3. Expressing appreciation through writing a card or mail to your coworkers and friends

4. Reminding some good memory by sending your friend photos of themselves during their wedding day

5. Picking up the garbage we notice on the floor

6. Helping the family with routine tasks around the house

7. Enquiring the new neighbours on their needs

8. To do the best to ensure someone dying of terminal disease like cancer, dies with dignity

9. Showing a smiling face to all including strangers

10. Propagate / Advertise genuine charity Ads

11. Arranging breakfast, lunch or dinner for homeless

12. Sending kind message, gift or bouquet to someone on their birthday or Anniversary or for their new status or achievements.

13. Sending a thanking note to our teacher (former / present)

14. Doing the thing for someone who always nags us about

15. Sending a greeting card with sweets/savouries/ biscuits to kids in the orphanage on festival days or national holiday

16. Hearing with compassion and care, someone’s life struggles

17. Complimenting a friend or colleague

18. Sending a food gift basket for the family who recently lost someone in their family with love and concern

19. Forgiving instantly someone who hurt you

20. Giving generous tips or service charges to those working in the service industry

21. To make a conscious Call to a friend and enquire how they’re doing

22. Sending positive vibes to your enemy through forgiveness in our prayers

23. Throwing someone we care about a surprise birthday or Anniversary party

24. To spend our free time by Volunteering at a nonprofit organisation in addition to sending contribution if possible

25. Writing a positive review for a local business to benefit others

26. Donating blood to blood banks periodically

27. Frequently cheering or smiling at service boys/people coming home regularly such as a post man, dhobi, flower vendor or others

28. Visiting an elderly relative or sick at their place or old age home.

29. Making people laugh through jokes or mannerisms without any hurt.

30. Wishing someone with positivity for motivation

31. Loving people whole-heartedly without any fake thoughts.

32. Donating our old clothes frequently

33. Arranging food for a homeless person or inmates of a old age home.

34. Sending flowers or bouquet to someone on occasions wit positive and motivational message

35. Thanking through reminding someone who once helped us that his help is being appreciated always.

36. Hold the door open for someone who is behind to enter

37. Allowing children, old and women to go past us in a queue

38. Showing up punctually on time.

39. Allowing a car to pass in front of you

40. Creating with various Reasons and information – “Why I Love You” -– Letter or video” for someone we love or care about

41. Sharing compliments to friends we hear from other people about them

42. Sending timely condolence messages without fail to friends and relatives who’ve lost one of their kith and kin

43. Offering our seat in a bus or train to a person (especially old, sick, children or women) in need

44. Forwarding and posting on social media the messages and stories of random acts of kindness that we have received from strangers

45. Donating money to genuine religious and charitable projects

46. Sending a message to the boss of our coworker or friend to make him or her know about kind thing they did

47. Inviting our staff or workmen over for a dinner with us.

48. Spending quality time with loved ones of the family

49. Teaching what we know to someone who needs that knowledge

50. Sending some affordable help-package to a struggling friend

51. Offering to drive the neighbours kids to school along with ours

52. Returning something we borrowed without forgetting

53. Apologising when we mess up or we need to

54. Voluntarily helping to babysit for new parents

55. Cooking a favorite meal for someone who love surprisingly

56. Motivating a coworker to work for his promotion

57. Agreeing or volunteering to take care of a friend’s pet when they are on a vacation

58. Helping someone with our mind and time to complete their homework /studies

59. Giving away to friends or close neighbours our free coupons that can be redeemed for services

60. Distributing free umbrellas on rainy days to needy and underprivileged

61. Dedicating a song to someone on the radio /YouTube who is a music lover on occasions

62. Throwing a surprise family party so family and friends can make great memories

63. Leaving only positive messages in our status or profile section of social media Apps.

64. Meeting prisoners and arranging or giving motivational or transformational talks and sweets on important occasions.

65. Showing kindness by not forwarding or posting violent or negative / fake messages or news

66. Helping the burials of poor and orphans

67. Conducting or participate in blood, medical and charity camps of genuine foundations.

68. Helping an unemployed person to get a job through our contacts or influence

69. Playing with pets for a good amount of period (time)

70. Sharing the vegetables we have grown in our garden with friends and neighbors

71. Telling someone “I love you”, “Thank you”, or “So sweet of you” as as and when needed

72. Removing frequently hateful graffitis or hoardings in our neighbourhood

73. Voluntarily coming forward to fix something that broke

74. Starting the day with praise and appreciation of people we see

75. Rescuing or Saving cattle or animals that are in danger

76. Putting our phone in silent mode or switch off mode when we are with someone

77. Make someone with no children feel positive with our children’ gestures

78. Never omit someone in a conversation or chat

79. Standing up against someone being bullied

80. Praising and appreciating others writings, works, compositions and creativity

81. Paying for a needy student’s education

82. Buying someone in need groceries and essentials

83. Pulling out or grabbing someone by their shirt or hand if they cross the street carelessly without paying attention

84. Offering a small pack of tissues in case we find someone crying

85. Surprising someone  who can’t afford Festival (such as Deepavali or Pongal) purchases with free gifts

86. Spending sometime on the phone on regular basis for Healing, with someone who has psychological / psychiatric diseases or disorders

87. Make someone with anxiety feel safe and secured

88. Counsel positively someone struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts or struggling with bad habits

89. Arranging a special snack or medicine for a person with severe dietary / medical restrictions

90. Spending time with our kids or grandchildren telling bedtime stories/moral stories

91. Helping spouse in preparing breakfasts or cooking on holidays

92. Voluntarily offering help to take pictures of tourists struggling to take a selfie or snapshot

93. Leaving a positive or encouraging comment on a blog post you enjoyed

94. Introducing two people who should meet each other for their own good

95. Arranging two compatible friends or known people to meet each other and date

96. Exchanging matrimonial information with our friends and relatives for making a good alliance for marriage of someone

97. Inviting a new coworker for lunch

98. Helping the handicapped without making them reminded of their limitation

99. Buying something based on need / want, frequently when affordable from our friend’s new business

100. Being patient with a friend or someone who is not trained

101. Using only recyclable materials avoiding harmful habits and practices

102. Cooking or assisting the cook for making food for friends and family

103. Donate toys / gifts / snacks to a children’s orphanage

104. Donate feminine hygiene (sanitary napkins) to a girls/women in an orphanage or to a home for destitute women

105. Helping with kind words a domestic abuse survivor to feel safe

106. Feeding birds, animals and cattle

107. Not forwarding posts or messages that may hurt or depress someone

108. Never asking or reminding about someone’s handicap, deficiency, lack of talent or shortcoming

109. Believing in someone who doesn’t believe in themselves

110. Planting and watering trees and plants whenever possible

111. Donating eyes and other organs after death

112. Loving ourselves

113. Sending a framed picture of someone with a deceased family member on the anniversary of their death

114. Speaking highly or appreciative of someone when that person is being gossiped about

115. Encouraging someone to pursue and achieve their positive dreams

116. Always we must pass on the the benefit of doubt to anyone

117. Fostering or Adopting a child from orphanage or poor friend if possible

118. Adopting a pet

119. Following up / counseling someone or a friend after important events of their life such as marriage, surgery, divorce or loss of a family member

120. Creating a scrapbook about a relation with a friend

121. Asking for details of a recipe of a delicious meal someone made over a meal

122. Donating meal cards or coupons to homeless people or beggars as and when we can

123. Not bargaining with poor street vendors

124. Organizing volunteer activities as a family along with other in society to spread goodness in community

125. Practicing humility by distributing newspaper to neighbors of our society on a Sunday or through such other acts

126. Treating women with respect and care and with gender equality gestures

127. Not hesitating to meet anyone who is in need

128. Donating positive reading materials to public places / offices

129. Sending positive messages to the wife or husband of our newly married friend telling them how fortunate they are to have our friend as a life partner in their life and sharing an interesting story of something nice he or she did for us

130. Sending a gift basket for public servants / health workers / security people or police with goodies while they are at work of public interest

131. Turning off the water tap that is not closed when it’s not being used

132. delivering by hand a get well card with flowers / bouquet to a friend in the hospital

133. Doing a virtual video chat /conferencing with a friend or relative who recently moved to a foreign country, along with his other friends

134. Donating educational kits, laptop, books, notebooks, pens and other items as per affordability for poor and needy students of the society

135. Organizing a sport or entertainment event /project for fundraising towards charity

136. Creating a homemade gift for someone to show the intensity of love

137. Watching someone’s favorite show with them without complaining

138. While in a elevator, Hold the door open for someone

139. To feed the hungry and the poor

140. To give water or a drink to the thirsty

141. To provide clothing to the naked

142. To visit and enquire about the sick

143. To counsel the doubtful and the confused

144. To clarify and instruct the ignorant and the deluded

145. To reprimand and restore sinners

146. To comfort the afflicted and the infected

147. To forgive offences responsibly

148. To tolerate wrongs patiently, to work towards correcting them

149. Remembering to pray for the world peace and happiness of Humanity and all living beings whenever possible in our prayers

150. To help maintain places of worship.

GF’ Blessings.