Life Lessons to Learn from Lord Hanuman

Hari Om

After thorough reading and understanding of the complete Valmiki Ramayana, one would truly appreciate and love the character of the great Hanumanji, the son of the Wind God. There are many great things which one has to learn and adopt from Lord Hanuman.

It is extremely impossible to explain or capture by writing in few articles —the might, humility and devotion that are possessed by lord Hanumanji. He is the only Chiranjeevi – God, who lives here physically on this planet earth today, hence he is also called the lord of the age of kali or Kaliyuga.

Hanumanji was large hearted and compassionate to sacrifice his own self written Ramayan, Which he carved out with his own fingers on the surface of Himalaya mountains, just for the sake of Maharishi Valmiki, after the latter felt dismayed on seeing that Lord Hanumanji’s Ramayan is much superior and concise as compared to Valmiki’s Ramayan. After this, Sage Valmiki promised that He’ll re incarnate in Kaliyuga, to write the glories of Lord Hanuman (who was believed to reincarnate as Saint Tulsidas).

Hanumanji is known as seeta shok vinashak as he relieved mother sita off her Grief, After he came to visit her, to offer her the word of Shri Ram and to give her Shri Ram’s Ring.

He brought the entire Sanjeevani mountain,suffered a direct hit of an arrow (which was shot after invoking the name of lord Ram), all for the sake of Shri Ram’s brother Laxman ji.

He spared Kumbhkaran’s life, just to make sure that His king Surgreev’s reputation is not tarnished.

He was kind enough to let the Brahmastra bind him, so that he could get a face to face dialogue with Ravan, where he tried his best to explain Ravan whom he was actually messing with (his master Shri Ram)

He took part in one of the biggest Dharma yuddha ever, and saved Arjun from deadly celestial arrows and weapons.

He helped Sugreev in meeting Lord Ram, who helped him gratefully regain his kingdom.

Just like Lord Shivji, Lord Hanuman doesn’t want any sort of offerings from our side, or any sacrifice, he just wants our pure love and devotion. That’s all He expects and he’ll accept whatever we offer him, with full happiness.

He was staying with Tulsidas ji throughout his life,like a shadow,protecting him always and even sent his vanar army to ransack the fort of Mughal invader Akbar. He even met Tulsidas ji in his real form and blessed him.

He stayed back on this earth, in his physical form, away from his lord, just to look after His devotees, and protect them from the effect of Kali the demon, while all other Gods had to leave . Even though the number of his haters (atheists or from other beliefs) is increasing in Kaliyuga, He is still here out of compassion for his devotees. He rushes to help his devotees everywhere and in whatever condition they are and ensures that his devotees are relieved from suffering and difficulties of their lives. All of us must remember Him every day and he’ll always be there for us and he will continue to stay alive here until even only one RamBhakt is left on this planet Earth as He promised.

His glories, might and mercy are beyond words or narrations.

Life lessons to learn from Lord Hanuman:

1. It is not just physical strength, but mental strength is also important.

2. It is believed that Lord Hanuman can change his forms. By this, He teaches us to adapt to situations symbolically.

3. We should help our friends and others in need like how Lord Hanuman helped Sugriva, Shanidev and others.

4. We should never let power corrupt us. We should stay humble and always have a compassionate heart like that of Hanumanji’s.

5. We should fulfill our task with commitment and determination. We should learn to communicate with wisdom like Hanumanji.

6. To get success in any venture, we should be focussed, faithful, humble, compassionate and persevering emulating Lord Hanuman.

7. Hanumanji, inspires his devotees towards Purushartha, the courage and self-restraint needed to live a righteous life. A life of truth and selfless service.

8. The life of Hanumanji demonstrates the saying, “Impossible is Nothing”.

9. Hanuman’s powers and reach are limitless and hence whenever we call him with pure devotion, he is always there at our side. Despite being so strong, He is always eager to help even the destitute and downtrodden.

10.Hanuman had great respect for women, his meetings with Sita Mataji and demoness in guise Surasa demonstrates this fact. Hanuman addressed them as mothers and therefore respected them as his own mother.

11.Hanumanji is the most courageous, formidable and fearless. Hanumanji himself is capable of eradicating the entire race of the rakshasas but didn’t do so out of respect for Rama and Sugriva. Lord Hanuman himself killed a good number of powerful asuras and daityas, knocked out Ravana unconscious on the battlefield dripped with blood and even hurt the mighty Kumbhakarna. He alone went to Lanka crossing 100 yojanas of ocean to seek the whereabouts of Sita Mata and to battle with the army of Ravana to instill some fear upon them. These events are all beautifully described in Sundarakanda.

12. Only from Hanumanji we can learn to turn negative situations into positive.

Yes. When Hanuman visited Ravana’s court,he was in a foreign land sorrounded only by enemies. But when Ravana gave the punishment of setting Hanuman’s tail on fire, guess what Hanumanji did ? He bunt the entire Lanka.

GF’ Blessings.