Never Give Up Your Balanced Nature

Hari Om

One fine morning, a Sadhu went to the river to take a holy bath. There he observed a scorpion struggling for life in the water. He was aware that the scorpion would not be able to swim its way back to life, so he decided to rescue it. He took it in his hand to place it to the ground, but the scorpion bit him in the event. The Sadhu flung the scorpion away struggling with pain and the scorpion fell back in the water.

But the Sadhu tried to rescue it again, picking it in his hand, but again the scorpion bit him. This was repeated for a few times, until the sadhu could successfully place the scorpion on the land, in spite of his struggling in great pain.

A young man who had been observing all these for a while asked the Sadhu — Why did you save the Scorpion? Why didn’t you just let it drown?

The Sadhu replied — “My dear child, the scorpion is not stinging me out of malice or evil intent. Just as it is the water’s nature to make me wet, so it is the scorpion’s nature to sting. But, just as it is the scorpion’s nature to sting, so it is my nature to save. Just as he is not leaving his nature, why should I leave my nature? Why should I let a small scorpion rob me of the divine nature which I have cultivated through years of sadhana (spiritual practice)?”

We don’t meet scorpions too often in our lives, but we meet ‘toxic’ and ‘pessimistic’ people who can harm our confidence and peace of mind. But we should always strive to preserve our beautiful and balanced nature.

It’s their nature to bite. We should stick to ours. We should brush them aside, and continue walking with confidence and poise.


This meaningful tale tells us that we should not change our behaviour or nature based on the behaviour or nature of others.

We may come across those who harm,insult or hurt us, due to their ignorance or lack of wisdom, but we must never allow their actions to rob us of our duties and faith.

Even when people hurt you, Do and Wish always good for them. Leave to God the results. Forgive them because you want to be good and happy. Love your enemies to get the blue double ticks in God’s WhatsApp.

GF’ Blessings.