Vaastu ground rules for industries

Hari Om

In this article we will discuss on important Vaastu ground rules for Industries. The following sketch shows industrial placements according to Vaastu.

1. To derive optimum benefits from the Vaastu Shastra, the following pattern should be followed in the construction of the plinth and ground levels for both the factory plot and the buildings:

• The North-East sector should be at the lowest level.

• The North-West sector should be on a higher level than the North-East and the North.

• The South-East sector should be at a higher level than the North-West.

• The South should be at higher level than the South-East.

• The South-West sector should be higher than the South. This sector should be higher than all the other sectors.

• The eastern and northern sectors can be on the same level.

2. It is important that the factory is on a site that has ground levels sloping towards the North, East or North-East. If the site is at a higher level in the North or the East, it is necessary that it is leveled immediately for Vaastu to start providing prosperity. The factory roof should also slope downward towards the North and the East. The centres of the factory building, office building, and the factory plot have to be kept totally clean and free from any form of beams, columns and pillars.

3. It is not advisable to have any basement floor in the western or southern sides of an industrial building as it would weaken the cash flow and prosperity generating capability of the structure. Therefore, basements are generally to be avoided in an industrial structure unless a small area becomes necessary for any specific processing purpose.

4. The compound walls in the southern and western directions of the factory plot should be heavier and higher than the eastern and northern walls. Depending on environmental and security factors, wire fencing may be considered for the North and East. No structure should be built right on the North and East compound walls. It is very important to keep these compound walls free from any burden. However, structures covering the South-West corner will be a boon to the industry. The North-East, South-East and North-West corners should not be entirely covered by structures at any cost.

5. The main gate should be located in the West of North-West for a factory with a road in the West. The main gate should be located in the South of South-East for a factory with a road in the South. For factories with roads in the East or North, the main gate should be in the eastern North-East or northern North-East directions, respectively.

6. Water bodies on the western side of the factory, whether inside or outside the plot, cause hostility between the management and governmental bodies. The organisation will experience frequent harassment by the government or labour unions. Similarly, water bodies in the South will promote conflicts between labour and management. Southern water bodies are capable of bringing unexpected negative energies to the factory, resulting in shrinking business, lowering of assets and loss of net worth. It is therefore advisable not to buy plots for industries with water bodies such as rivers and lakes on the western and southern sides.

7. Any water tank above the surface of the plot for storage, water treatment or gardening purposes should be located only in the mid-south region of the factory or alternatively in the South-West zone.

8. Do not dump industrial waste in the open space on the northern or eastern sides as they will disturb the positive energies in the North-East of the factory plot.

9. Always keep the open space on the northern side of the factory clean. Do not even put up small temporary structures in this space. The entire space should be fully open to the sky. To lower the ground level on the northern side, raise the ground levels on the southern and western sides. These steps will magically generate more liquidity. A huge water body in the North-East, preferably in the northern North-East side, will add to liquidity and cash wealth.

10. To produce products of good quality, the western side of the factory should be more elevated than the eastern side, and more open space should be provided in the eastern side than in the western side. To increase cash flow and liquidity, the southern side of the factory buildings should be elevated and there should be more open space in the North than in the South.

11. Whenever the North-East sector or the North-West sector of a factory is covered with structures, cordial relations between the management and the labour unions will be absent. Therefore, to maintain a smooth relationship between the management and the labour, both the North-East and North-West quadrants should not be burdened with any form of structure. The entire northern sector should be lower than the southern sector and should also be open to the sky for good profitability and smooth running of a business.

12. While placing a furnace, generator or boiler in the south-eastern quadrant of the factory, it is important to ensure that the chimney is placed in the mid-South only, avoiding the South-West. If the chimney has to be placed separately at a distance from the main building, it can be located adjoining the factory in the South-West.

13. An external canteen and kitchen can be located in the South-East agni corner of the factory plot. For South-facing factories, the canteen and kitchen can be located in the North-West corner of the plot without touching the northern compound wall.

14. A pantry or kitchen should be avoided both in the North-East and South-West sectors.

15. The computers in the office building of a factory should be placed in the South-East or North-West corners of rooms.

16. Recreation / entertainment halls, guest rooms, theatres, garages, auditoriums and restrooms should preferably be located in the North-West sector of the factory plot or, alternatively, in the South-East sector.

17. Staff quarters can be constructed in the South-East or North-West of the factory plot with the main entrance of each house according to guidelines. Care must be taken while providing wells for staff quarters so that they do not bring the ill-effects of Vaastu to the main factory.

18. Cycle stands or car parks are to be located only in the North-West or South-East sectors of the factory. The structure should not touch the North or East compound walls.

19. Toilets and washrooms in a factory can be placed in the North West or the South-East without touching the North or East walls of the boundary. Whenever toilets are provided in the South-East, a washroom should be avoided. The septic tanks attached to the toilets should preferably be in the northern North-West or at least in the North sector towards the West. The toilets should have closets aligned with the North-South axis.

20. The security room or the gurkha room in a factory should face only North or East, and it should not touch the compound walls in the North or East. But they can touch the South or West compound walls. The construction of a security room exactly on any of the corners is not recommended. Also the security room should be constructed to the West or South of the main gate. Avoid constructing a toilet attached to the security room.

Vaastu ground rules for office

1. The boss should sit in the South-West facing the East or the North.

2. The computer room should be in the South-East.

3. The pantry should be in the South-East or the North-West.

4. The marketing departments should be in the North-West.

5. The cashier should sit in the North.

6. The purchase department and others should be in the South or West.

7. The reception should be in the North-East.

8. The telephone and side tables should be in the South-West corner of any room.

9. There should not be anything in front of any doorway that obstructs the opening of the door.

10. Keep your files in your office as given below and it will help you in your business, as each and every file in your office plays an important role in the growth of your venture.

i) Accounts file – On the South-East corner shelf

ii) Owner’s personal file – On the South-West shelf of the cabin

iii) Purchase file – On the South-West shelf made on the South wall

iv) Sales file – On the North-West shelf on the wall

v) Estate file – On the South-West shelf made on the southern wall

vi) Shares file – Files on the shares you want to sell must be kept on the North-West shelf made on the North wall. Those you want to retain must be kept on the South-West shelf made on South wall.

vii) Raw materials file – On the South-West shelf

viii) Finished goods file – On the North-West corner shelf

ix) Income tax file – On the South-West corner shelf

x) Sales tax and excise files – On the South-West corner shelf

xi) Import and export file – On the North-West corner shelf

xii) Stores file – Always on the South-West corner shelf

xiii) Cash purchase file – On the South-West corner shelf

xiv) Credit purchase file – On the North-West corner shelf

xv) Staff and workers file – On the North-West corner shelf

xvi) Litigation file – On the North West corner shelf

xvii) Pending bill file (receivables) – If it is on the North-West shelf, it will help in early recoveries or payments that are due.

GF’ Blessings.