50 Vedic-Vaastu Guidelines for Happy and Enlightened Living

Hari Om

By the grace of Maha Guru Sri Chandrikananda Swamigal (GF), based on Vedic scriptures and other spiritual literature, the fifty (50) Vedic and Vaastu fundamental guidelines are enumerated in this presentation for happy and enlightened living.

1. Perform prayers daily after bath preferably facing East (or North) in your house Mandir (puja room) for at least 20 minutes focussing your mind and senses fully and invoking, Ganeshji, Ancestors, Guru, Kuladevata (Family deity) and Ishta Devata(Favourite deity). Also offer a small 1-2 minutes prayer daily before going to sleep.

2. We must strictly adhere to the following five most important regulative (virtues) principles always as per Vedic scriptures, for prayers or chanting (Japa) of mantras and any Vaastu / Astro remedies to deliver faster and effective results, spiritual growth and purification of mind and also for meeting God in our Heart while praying.

– Avoiding telling lies, cheating and stealing directly or indirectly.

– Absence of Greed (therefore also no Gambling)

– Avoiding completely illicit, inappropriate or unhealthy sexual acts.

– No intoxication (not consuming or addicted to any intoxicants such as alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, tea etc)

– Non-violence.

3. Associate yourself with sacred Guruji’s 5G (given below) of life namely, on a regular basis

God (Govinda)

– Guru

– Ganga

– Gita (Bhagavad Gita) and

– Gayathri mantra for purifying your mind, reaching greater spiritual awareness leading to ultimate liberation or Moksha.

4. Presently we Deal with God and Dwell in the World. Instead for Happy living just shift this paradigm to:

“Dwell in God and Deal with the World”

5. Mahamantra in Kali Santharana Upanishad is an antidote for all problems in Kaliyuga. Reciting the Mahamantra (given below) daily as many times as possible or a minimum of 108 times (one rosary) is advised for peace, prosperity and happiness in Kaliyuga. People in groups (of 10, 25, 50 or even more) can jointly recite this in a temple or in a neighbourhood area to ensure that problems are dissolved and things improve in their lives with Lord Krishna’s grace. The Mahamantra, if recited with utmost devotion, has the power to heal and cure any disease, solve any legitimate problem, remove poverty and bring peace to one and all.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mahamantra:

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

6. Always hang one (or more) pictures or photos of the following acharyas (saints/gurus) (preferably facing South in the North-East area of your hall/room or office) so that you can avoid negative influences and energies from the world.

Adi Sankara, Sri Ramakrishna, Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Kanchi Paramacharya, Sri Chandrasekara Bharti Swamigal, Vallalar Sri Ramalinga Swamigal, Jesus, Gurunanak, GF (Sri Chandrikananda Swamigal), Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi, Shirdi Sai Baba, Thayumanavar, Pattinathar, Mother Sarada Devi, Saint Aurobindo, Thiruvalluvar, Thirumoolar, Mother Mary, Pamban Swamigal or any other credible gurus.

7. Visit any Shiva temple on Pradosham days. You must make 111 such visits in total, in your lifetime, for attaining the path of salvation. For this, you will need an appropriate guru. This is also for good health and peace. Light a lamp at the temple during every visit.

8. Never talk bad about, insult or criticise Vedic scholars, Brahmins, sanyasis or holy people of any religion as they may be gnanis or jeevan muktas. The scriptures say that a gnani’s (enlightened person) sins (papa from Sanchita Karma) will be distributed among the sinners who abuse or insult them. Also, the punya or virtues of the gnanis will be distributed among sevaks (the people who do service to the enlightened ones). The scriptures say that a person who is cursed by a gnani or a yogi (holy man) will be in coma during death. If you do not like someone, be neutral towards him.

9. Never keep Footwear, Broom, dustbins in North East, East or North of House or Rooms.

10. Never place mirrors on the South or the West walls as they will expand these directions through virtual reality. This will increase negative vibrations. However, placing mirrors on the North or the East walls will be beneficial.

11. Always closet in Toilets should face preferably North or South only.

12. The Safe or Vault in the house should be placed in SW of the House and must face North only.

13. Always face East while cooking.

14. Children should face preferably East while studying.

15. The Guest room and Daughter’s room should be in North West sector preferably.

16. Do not keep obsolete, non-functional, broken or fractured items, utilities or gadgets at home.

17. Prayer room preferred in North East or else in Central portion or South West of the House. Deities should face West so that we can face East while praying. If not possible West facing allowed.

18. Do not keep mobile phones. Gadgets or laptops or any electrical / electronics near your head while sleeping. Minimum 2-3 metres distance needed.

19. While eating face East or North. Not to face South. West is not bad.

20. Adults should keep their head towards the South and children preferably towards the East (or South) while sleeping.

21. Children, while studying for exams, should face the East for academic excellence. The study table must be placed in the North-East section of the study room and should be either rectanglar or square, and not odd-shaped. The study lamp must be kept in the South-East corner of the study table. No opening or plain wall should be seen while studying. Keep a picture of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati, Lord Hayagreeva or Lord Dakshinamoorthy or your favourite deity on the table.

22. Son to be given North East bedroom and Daughter to have North West bedroom.

23. Kitchen should be preferably placed in South East corner or in North West corner as an alternative. If both not possible central West is fine.

24. Sump, bore well, and all underground water bodies should be dug only in North East of the House / plot.

25. Overhead Tank should be in West of South West of the Terrace above the Master bedroom.

26. Master bedroom should be in the South West corner of the House.

27. Toilets should be preferably placed in South East or North West of the house or each room.

28. Never have kitchen in North East as all you will have constant financial problems / health problems.

29. Never have toilets in North East of the house or a room as it will bring major health setback to the inmates.

30. Keep the central portion of the house and North East sector always clean and free (or at least very lightly loaded)

31. Servant quarters should be preferably at North-West of the house or flat or alternatively in the South-East.

32. Keep at home puja room, only Yantras, Shaligrama or Shivlinga or other special idols – gifted by a competent Acharya or Guru. Also you must offer prayers and flowers daily or frequently as advised. Do not keep them otherwise or without offering prayers.

33. Round or Rectangular dining table within 1:2 ratio only acceptable for dining. Odd shapes to be avoided.

34. Do not buy plots having more than 4 sides, irregular or odd shapes, truncated in North-East or South-West or having bad street-focus or Theru Kuthu.

35. Do not live within 100 metres from burial grounds, hospital or a place of worship.

36. Do not buy a plot or flat adjacent towards South or West of your present house or flat as it may bring sudden downfall. Always buy a plot or flat adjacent towards North or East of your existing house or flat. However the individual plot or flat to be purchased should be having good VAASTU on its own.

37. Happiness at home and wealth will be lost if we are:

Being unkind to guest, making women and children cry at home frequently, not performing prayers regularly, not performing Srardh or Tharpanam for pleasing departed souls of parents/ancestors, torturing elders at home, not offering any drink (at least water) or food to guests or visitors, not maintaining good relationship with siblings, in laws, keeping the pets and birds in cages or nests, being rude and ruthless to servants or maids, sleeping at odd hours or excessively, not respecting the sentiments of ancestors, not cleaning the house , kitchen and puja room regularly, The reverse will bring more Happiness. Never indulge in activities that will attract a woman’s curse as that will block progress of your finances and of generations to come. Respect women. Practise seeing every woman as a mother for greater spiritual and permanent material / spiritual gains.

38. Never grow tall or heavy trees along North or East of your house. They can be grown along South or West. Lawn and Tulsi plants can be kept in North-East. Thorny or dry trees or plants like bamboo are to be avoided.

39. Generator and Electrical utilities rooms to be kept in South-East preferably or in North-West.

40. Gym can be placed in South-West, South, or West sectors of the house or flat.

41. Try to observe fast (Jain Veg food without rice) attest two days in a month – preferably on any Pradosham, Ekadashi, Full moon days or Thursdays.

42. Observing Silence (Mouna Vradham) for minimum of 6 hrs and if possible for whole day from Sun rise on Full moon days will generate great material and spiritual benefits.

43. Keep a Ganeshji (facing any direction) OM symbol or Hanumanji (preferably facing South) and your Name Plate at the entrance of your house.

44. If you feel you are affected by Evil eyes (Nazar) effects constantly you are advised to hang at the entrance of your house/flat, a Shubhadrishti Ganapathi photo and /or a string of Lemons and Chillies with belief. (The lemon and chillies charm). This can ward off negative energies and being good luck. You must place the string of lemons and chillies first before God for few minutes with prayers at home Mandir and then place or hang at entrance of your house, shop, home or office.

46. Never cut your nails on Saturday, Friday or Tuesday. Also never cut your hairs on Saturday, Thursday or Friday.

Hair and Nail cutting recommended only on Mondays and Wednesday’s for good health and prosperity.

47. Always give donations in numbers ending with 1 to a temple or good cause. (Example: 101, 1001, 1501, 10001 and so on). Avoid giving torn, damaged or mutilated, dirty or soiled notes for good cause. Such donations should be kept inside a clean envelope and handed over facing North or East with humility and devotion.

48. Whenever opportunities arise, during day time, circumambulate and worship a peepal, tulsi or neem tree for spiritual and material progress.

49. Do not keep broken idols, deities, utensils and mirrors at home which can potentially bring bad luck. Do not keep images of wild animals, war scenes or wild birds or wall posters at home.

50. Never postpone good and affordable deeds or desires, once you have thought and decided like – visiting a Shrine, giving donations or gift to people, kith and kin, conducting a Satsangh, participating in a holy service, performing a Yagya, undertaking a pilgrimage and so on.

Vaastu guidelines for placements must be followed at home for prosperity. Toilet or kitchen must not be placed in the North-East. The son must occupy the North-East room, while the daughter must occupy the North-West bedroom preferably. Married couples should avoid the South-East bedroom for peaceful living. Domestic help must be in the North-West or South-East sectors of the house. The prayer room must be preferably placed in the North-East; alternatively in the South-West or central portion of the house. Elders are to occupy the southern or western sectors.

General Vaastu Layout for Happy Living

GF’ Blessings.