Pragnya Vivardhana Karthikeya Stotram for Gaining Intelligence and Concentration

Hari Om

This extremely rare stotram (prayer) to Lord Muruga or Subrahmanya helps one enhance their intelligence, concentration and wisdom. This Mantra from the Rudhra Yamela Tantra, when combined with right efforts, is very good for the students to receive better and gainful results in their studies, exams and learning. It is believed that even a mentally retarded child would become normal or mentally proactive by reciting this powerful prayer. The prayer is taught by Lord Skanda (Muruga) himself and gives out 28 names of Lord Subrahmanya.

Sri Ganesaya Nama !

Salutations to Ganesa

Sri Skanda Uvacha:

Lord Subrahmanya told:

Yogeswaro, maha sena, karthikeyo Agni nandana,

Skanda Kumara Senani, swami shankara sambhava,

Lord of Yogas, great commander, He who was looked after by Karthika stars,

The child of fire, the lad, the commander and the God born out of Shankara., 7

Gangeya sthamra choodasya brahmachari Shikhi dwaja,

Tharakaree Ruma puthra krouncharidhya Shadanana,

Son of Ganga, he who wears brass, bachelor,

One with peacock flag, he who killed Tharaka, son of Parvathi

He who broke Krouncha mountain, God with six faces., 15

Shabdha Brahma Samudrascha Sidha Saraswatho Guha,

Sanath kumaro Bhagawan Bhoga moksha phala pradha,

God of the sound of ocean, One with divine powers,

One who is learned, one who removes darkness,

God, One is son of fire, One who grants pleasure as well as salvation., 22

Sara Janma, gunadheesa, poorvajo, mukthi marga kruth,

Sarvagama pranetha, cha Vanchithartha pradarsana,

One born because of an arrow, God of good qualities.

One who is the greater, one who shows salvation,

One who is worshipped by all Vedas,

And one who gives whatever is desired., 28

Ashta vimsathi namni, madheeyanithi ya padeth,

Prathyoosham sradhaya yuktho muktho vachaspathir bhaveth,

A devotee of mine, who reads these twenty eight names,

Daily at day break with attention,

Would become great, devoid of attachment and a great scholar.

Maha manthra maya neethi mama namanu keerthanam,

Maha pragnamavapnothinathra karya vicharana,

These names composed by me, If sung,

Would make one extremely intelligent.

Ithi Sri Rudhra Yamale Pragna vivardhanakhyam,

Srimath Karthikeya stotram sampoornam

This prayer of Karthikeya from Sri Rudhra Yamale Tantra, which would increase intelligence comes to an end (Translation by P R Ramachander)

GF’ Blessings.