Durga Suktam with Meaning

Hari Om

In the Rg Veda,we have many verses that are in relation to a particular energy principle,deity or truth. A Suktam is a collection of verses (called riks) that have a common feature.

In Durga Suktam,most of the verses are in praise of the Fire God (Agni). Agni represents the power of action.Mother Durga also represent dynamism and the power of purposeful action (kriya shakti).

Durga Suktam is also part of Mahanarayana Upanishad of Krshna Yajur Veda.

Durga is used here as a word for difficulty/problems in almost all the stanzas. The salutation to the Divine Mother Durga is given only in the second stanza. 

durgA – : The name durgA in Sanskrit means “invincible”. The syllable “du” is synonymous with four devils of poverty, sufferings, famine and evil habits. The “r” refers to diseases and the “ga” is the destroyer of sins, injustice, irreligion, cruelty and indolence.

jAtavedase sunavAma somamarAtIyato nidahAti vedaH |

sa naH parshhadati durgANi vishvA nAveva sindhuM duritAtyagniH ||…..1

Our oblations of Soma to the fire god,

May he, the all knowing one destroy all those who do not like us,

May that divine fire lead us out of all perils,

Like a captain takes his boat across the sea,

And also save us from all wrongs

tAmagnivarNAM tapasA jvalantIM vairochanIM karmaphaleshhu jushhTAm.h |

durgAM devi\m+ sharaNamahaM prapadye sutarasi tarase namaH || …..2

I take refuge in the divine mother Durga*,

Who shines like a fire due to her penances(Tapo Shakti),

Who resides in actions, Who is the consort of Virochana (the Supreme Being) and bestower of fruits of actions and makes them effective.

I salute her who helps us cross our difficulties.

* It could be translated as Mother of difficulties also

agne tvaM paarayA navyo asmaanthsvastibhiriti durgANi vishvA |

pUshcha pR^ithvI bahulAna urvI bhavA tokAya tanayAya shaMyoH ||…..3

Oh God of fire, you are worthy of praise,

For by novel methods you help us cross,

The difficulties and make us happy,

May our land in this earth become extensive,

May the land for growing crops become large,

And be pleased to join our children and,

Their children with joy and happiness.

vishvAni no durgahA jAtavedassindhu na nAvA duritAtiparshhi |

agne atrivanmanasA gR^iNAno.asmAkaM bodhayitvA tanUnAm.h || …… 4

Oh JaathaVedas(Agni) who is the destroyer of all sins, 

take us beyond all evil and obstacles like a boatman who ferries people across the rivers,

Oh Fire, protect us like the sage Athri, who would take care of us,

Mindful of our safety and our happiness.

pR^itanAjita\m+ sahamAnamugramagni\m+huvema paramAthsadhasthAt.h |

sa naH parshhadati durgANi vishvA kshAmaddevo atiduritAtyagniH ||….. 5

We invoke the fierce Fire God who is who is powerful and invincible,

And who is the vanquisher of all our enemies from the highest place,

To take us across all difficulties and all that is perishable and protect us.

pratnoshhikamIDyo adhvareshhu sanAchcha hotA navyashcha sathsi |

svAMchAgne piprayasvAsmabhyaM cha saubhAgyamAyajasva || …..6

Oh Fire God, you are praised during sacrifices,

And always increase our happiness, and exist as sacrifices,

Which are olden and those which are new,

Please make us, who are only yourself, happy,

And grant us good fortune from all our sides. 

gobhirjushhTamayujonishhitktaM tavendra vishhNoranusaMcharema |

nAkasya pR^ishhThamabhisaMvasAno vaishhNavIM loka iha mAdayantAm.h ||…..7

Oh all pervasive God, you are pure without sin or sorrow, We always follow you to attain riches and to attain that all–pervasive God in the female form, Vaishnavi , we may have devotion towards her. May the Gods who live in the highest region bless us to attain that absolute truth.

OM Kaathyayanaaya vidhmahe Kanyakoumari dheemahi

Thanno Durgi prachodayaath

We are trying to know the true nature of Kaathyayani, for that we worship her in the form of KanyaKumari, may Durga propel us into good deeds and guide us.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

GF’ Blessings.