Thirteen Common Curses and Their Effects

Hari Om

We hear spiritual and historical stories such as the Ramayana and imbibe the morals that they reinforce, from childhood. At the same time, we also learn about the various curses in these stories, as well as who cursed whom and for what!

Through the characters in the stories, we get to know what one should do to find redemption. Let us see the different types of curses in detail.

Will you believe me if I say that there are thirteen types of major curses as per scriptures?

I shall list them out for you below.

1) Woman’s curse

2) Curse of the dead

3) Brahma’s curse

4) Snake’s curse

5) Curse of our ancestors

6) Cow’s curse

7) Earth’s curse

8) Curse of Ganga

9) Tree’s curse

10) Curse of the gods

11) Ascetic’s (Rishi’s) curse

12) Sage’s (Muni’s) curse

13) Curse of the family deity

Now let’s see what each means…

1) Woman’s curse:

A man incurs this curse when he does not respect women in general, hurts them, neglects his sisters and abandons his wife. A woman’s curse can destroy the clan.

2) Curse of the dead:

Speaking ill of the dead in the presence of his or her body, crossing the body, not doing the final rites, not allowing dear ones to see the dead will cause this curse. It will reduce one’s longevity.

3) Brahma’s curse:

Forgetting the guru who taught us a skill, misusing the skill, not teaching others the skill by being secretive about it, can cause one to incur Brahma’s curse. This will cause one to lose knowledge and skills.

4) Snake’s curse:

Killing snakes without reason, destroying their habitat, will bring on the snake’s curse. Because of this, one will incur Kala sarpa dosham and there will be hurdles to getting married, getting lineage or settling children.

5) Curse of our ancestors:

Not performing the rites for ancestors, not doing charity, hurting parents and grandparents or neglecting them, will lead to the ancestor’s curse. It will lead to the Bala Rishtha curse where male children will not be born or they will die young or they will disrespect parents.

6) Cow’s curse:

One incurs this curse when they torture cows, giving a cow that has stopped milking to the butcher, separating the calf from the cow, or not giving water to the cow when it is thirsty. The family will not progress as a result and may also result in loss of wealth and happiness.

7) Earth’s curse:

Kicking the ground in anger all the time, abusing it, burying plastics, digging unnecessarily, grabbing land… will cause this curse. It will make life on earth hell.

8) Ganga’s curse:

One incurs this curse when they waste water or dirty rivers. The cursed will be unable to find water however much he or she may dig.

9) Tree’s curse:

Cutting a healthy tree, allowing a fruiting tree to die, burning trees, cutting trees to build houses… will cause this curse. Debts and diseases result because of this curse.

10) Curse of the gods:

Stopping prayers half way or speaking ill of the gods will make one accursed and cause a split with relatives and no results for prayers.

11) Rishi’s curse:

In Kali Yuga, this will happen because of disrespecting learned men, Brahmin, Guru and holy devotees. As a result, the clan will be destroyed.

12) Muni’s curse:

Not performing puja for the deities guarding the borders and minor deities, will result in this. Any initiative undertaken will face hurdles and obstructions as a result.

13) Curse of the family deity:

We must not forget the deity that our ancestors worshipped. Because of the curse of the family deity, there can be no peace or happiness. There will always be an air of sorrow surrounding us.

Curses can turn into blessings for the good. However many the blessings the evil one may get, he or she cannot use it to destroy the bad. Heartfelt curses of a wronged and suffering soul can destroy even the strongest good.

GF’ Blessings.