Astrological Remedies for Prosperity and Solving Financial Problems

Hari Om

Sri Gurubyoh Namah!

Sri Matre Namah!

Most powerful Astrological Remedies (21 points) for solving a financial crunch and overcoming tough times in business are given below. These remedies are based on scriptures, experience and teachings of Great Acharyas.

When a devotee performs many or all of these remedies with fullest devotion and with attitude of surrender, miraculous and favourable results may be experienced. Belief is Relief and Faith can move mountains. These remedies empower the free will of the devotee’s mind to take proper actions with proper attitude to achieve the best results. The time period for experiencing the benefits or results may vary depending on individual’s devotion, karma (horoscope) and focus of their mind while implementing these rituals.

1. Visit your family deity (Kula Devata) at least once annually and perform prayers, light lamp (mavillakku) and feed some people (Annadhanam) after dharshan.

2. You may chant with utmost devotion “Om Sri Namah” at least 108 times or Sri Lalitha Trishathi stotra daily. You may also do this along with your nithya pujas to get substantial relief from tough situations in life. For effective gains and prosperity one can perform Abhishegam daily for Sri Yantra (3-D Maha Meru Yantra) under the guidance of a competent Acharya (Guru).

3. Chant Kanakadhara Strotra. Sri Adi Shankaracharya” had recited this Strotra with hymns to bless a poor Brahmin lady. It is believed that Devi Laxmiji showered rains of Gold on the poor brahmin lady and filled her life with wealth & abundance.

4. Use Crystal / Tulsi beads and chant “Hey Lalithe Shuba Lalithe Jaya Jaya Mangala Shuba Lalithe” – 36 or 108 times.

5. One may also do Kumkum Archana on Friday preferably morning after bath for Goddess Laxmi and chant Sri-Sooktha or Lakshmi Astothra to enhance wealth and prosperity. Sri-Sooktha is the most efficacious Vedic mantras to gain money, riches and prosperity in life. This mantra is changed to praise and please Goddess Ashta Laxmi (8 forms of goddess Laxmi) at once.

We may also perform The Avahanti Homa with qualified Rithviks which is a fire meditation as explained in the Taittriya Upanishad. This is recommended for receiving all dimensions of wealth and the intelligence to create and sustain the wealth. The higher purpose of wealth creation is using it for the collective benefit.

6. Make Chana-Mala and offer along with Curd rice as Neivedhyam to Lord Jupiter (Brahaspathi) for 30 Thursdays without break for better revenues and earnings. This may enhance your income and help you achieve your short term targets.

6. You can use Rudraksha Mala and chant “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times and Tulsi Mala to chant “Jaya Jaya Sri Sudharshana” every day to get rid of debts.

7. Offer with affection and love, Jaggery or banana and straw to Cows every Friday and Full moon days. This remedy is highly effective and should be performed on a regular basis to achieve excellent financial results.

8. Keep a mirror facing south or West near the cash chest (which is to be kept @ South west corner of the house) at home.

9. Chant the mantra “Om Gra Gri Grom Sah Guruwe Namah” and “Maha Lakshmi Gayathri Mantra” 36 or 108 times, regularly.

10. Do not hurt or ill-treat females. Treat them as manifestation of Sri Ambal. Be kind to them. This is very important for cash flows to improve and wealth to flow.

11. Water Tulsi plant daily and light a lamp in the evening close to sunset for the plant.

12. Eligible people must perform without fail Amavasya Tarpana every month and Annual Srardhs of departed souls (parents/forefathers) for problems to be solved.

13. Those who are affected by Shanidev in their horoscope or by transit positions of Shanidev should visit every Saturday Shani Temple and light Til oil lamp and chant Sri Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays. To get out of debts in addition, one should also quit using leather goods, alcohol permanently and non-veg food on Fridays and Saturdays at least for effective results.

14. For long term trouble free wealth flow and affluence, one should love and respect his family members (spouse, children and elders in the family) with true affection, love and concern.

15. Do not fight with siblings, in-laws and neighbors.

16. Perform every quarter for Business improvement, Ganapathi, Navagraha, Sri-Sooktha, Kubera Mantra Japa Homa (10000 avarthies Japa and 1000 avarthies Homa)

17. Keep the North East area of your house, plot, flat, room, table clean.

18. Contribute to Goshala and Physically handicapped needy people regularly.

20. Do not make payments on Fridays and Full moon says except for religious, charity or essential purchases.

21. Never use negative words such as “No money”. Never grumble or complain about the scarcity of money to everyone especially to employees, family, relatives and friends.

The effectiveness of these remedies depend on three D factors namely devotion, duration and discipline.

May we all receive GF and Sri Ambal’s choicest Blessings for security, peace, abundance and happiness.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya!

GF’ Blessings.