General Remedies and Spiritual Guidelines for protection from Black-Magic and Evil-Eye (Nazar)

Hari Om

FAQ: Guruji, What are the general remedies and spiritual guidelines recommended as a part of lifestyle, for a householder, to improve immunity, positive energies and at the same time to receive adequate protection from negative energies, black-magic and Nazar (Evil Eye)?

We should try to consciously implement in our way of mindful living, most or all of the following 21 remedies with utmost Faith for adequate protection from all the above mentioned negative energies/forces :

1. Plant at least 1-3 Tulsi plants in your house and take good care of them. Light ghee/Oil lamp every evening near Tulsi plant (Tulsi maadam).

2. Regularly (at least once in a week or fortnight) visit local powerful temple as they are energy reservoirs, light lamp there for your favourite deity (Ishtadevata)/ Hanumanji on Saturday or Ganeshji on Tuesdays.

3. Chant daily Gayatri mantra, Mrityunjaya mantra, Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang baan, Nama traya Astra mantra or Sri Vishnu Sahasranama. Try to get some sinndhoor or kumkum from Hanumanji and Durga temples as Prashad frequently.

4. Frequently feed cows, dogs, cats, fishes, ants and birds.

5. If possible perform yagna (Homa) once in 1- 3 months with Ganapathi Mantra, Navagraha Mantra, 1008 Gayatri mantra aahutis and 1008 Mrutunjaya mantra ahutis.

6. You may read Devi Mahatmiyam (Durga sapt shathi), or can chant 108 names of shakti or Devi Argala Stotra daily.

7. Allocate consciously some time for selfless service, Charity and Satsangh.

8. Use once in 2 months Ganga jal for drinking, bathing and sprinkling on body.

9. Try to have a bath in any holy river once in a year.

10. keep rock salt in small jar without lid and place the jar in a corner (South West or North West) of your bath room.

11. Daily clear your floor with salt water and sanitizer mix.

12. sprinkle turmeric water in the evening around 6 PM. If possible fumigate with mustard, turmeric and sambrani.

13. Take a white cloth and rotate it clock wise with left hand three times. Take red chilly, pepper, hair, some rock salt in a plate and do the samething. Now burn every thing in fire outside your home in South East direction.

14. You can even just rotate rock salt and pepper in clockwise, anti clockwise and up & down each three times and mix it in water outside your house and pour them away.

15. Use gaumutra (cow’s urine) while bathing once in a week or two, sprinkle it regularly in your house, put few drops in drinking water if agreeable, though It may look awkward to some people but it is the most potent Vedic remedy and unfortunately least explored.

16. Keep charcoal two or three pieces besides your bedside. (It will absorb all the negative energy, to be honest, it will absorb all bad air, lot of allergens.negative energy etc.,). This may also promote good sleep.

17. Keep all electrical and electronic gadgets if not switched off (including your phone) outside your bedroom while sleeping.

18. Keep your siblings and in-laws happy (at least do not develop hatred for them)

19. Help your neighbours and maintain cordiality with them.

20. Do not shout at children.

21. Water Peepal, neem and / or banyan trees. Light a mustard or Til oil lamp every Saturday for Peepal.

May we all be happy, healthy and blissful with GF’ Prayerful Blessings always.

General Vedic remedy

You need to perform the following Japa/Homa with competent Vedic Archaryas, every year at home, in Uttarayana on the Janma Nakshatra day of the house-owner, including all family members’ names in the prayers with appropriate Sankalpa:

Ganapathi Homam

Navagraha Homam

Sudharshana Moola mantra

And Dhristi Durga mantra

14,000 times japa and 1400 times (Avarthies / Counts) haven with appropriate ingredients will protect all family members from the negative influences of Nazar or Evil eye.

Temples for Evil-Eye cure

One can visit any of the following temples for protection from the Evil eye:

1. Dasa Puja Trinethra Anjeneyar Temple at Ananthamangalam, (near Thirukkadaiyur), Tamilnadu.

2. Sri Chakrath Alzwar Temple at Thirumogur

3. Samayapuram Mariamman Temple

4. Valangaiman Mariamman Temple

5. Tirupathi Sri Balaji Temple on Thursday morning, to have the Nethra Dharshan.

6. The Kaval Deivams of your native village on New Moon day or full moon days.

Simple living, humility and positive thinking coupled with the practice of presence of God with supreme devotion or Prema Bhakti in every moment (living with awareness in the ‘Now’) will destroy all the bad effects of Black-Magic s and Nazar. For this one should be under the supervision of a Guru for a length of time.

GF’ Blessings.