Vedic Astrology Analysis on COVID-19 – What Now? and What next? based on Prasna and Mundane charts

Hari Om

Many of us may be wondering if Astrology (or Astrologers) really predicted this pandemics caused by COVID-19. If we carefully recall what was written earlier during last Dec 26, 2019, solar eclipse in our blog, in many other research articles, and also if we have learnt some of Varamihira’s Brihat Samhita verses, verses in Narada Samhita and other eminent Indian Sages’ words, we will astonishingly realise that one can’t, not only miss these predictions but also can see when in future, similar events will occur in the world, based on malefics – Rahu, Kethu and Saturn transits / placements and afflictions to the most benefic planet Jupiter and various other peculiar combinations in the mundane charts as per principles of Vedic Astrology. Some western astrological researches based on Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn and Uranus Neptune positions also arrive at most of the historic events based on their principles though not so accurate as in the system of Vedic Astrology. Also western works lack the prophecies and intuitions of our great sages given in the form of concrete verses (Slokas) or dictums.

In Bhagavad-Gita (Chapter 3), Sri Krishna, explains vividly that nature has got a cycle and man should not interfere with that cycle and the cycle should be honored and respected for happy living on the earth. What is man doing? Is the nature’s biotic cycle getting the respect the way it deserves? This earth is for humans, animals, birds, worms, virus, bacteria, trees, plants, water and for every creature. But, we feel the earth is only for human beings. Even in human beings, there are some special beings. They feel this earth is exclusively for them and the rest of the human beings are non entities. At one point of time, the non entities revolt against the special beings. This is what is happening now.

“To grow is to break”, also means “To rise is to fall”. If you rise the ball, it goes up – just to fall back. Similarly, human advancements, inventions, technological and scientific advancements will be challenged by nature and at the same time, we should be ready for the reversal also. This is nature’s law. It cannot be avoided or modified. We should learn to be wise and philosophical or else nature will try to make us so.

What is probably now?

The accelerated process of healing and cure for the present pandemics expected to gain momentum with retrograde motion of Jupiter on May 14. Retrogression of Jupiter in Capricorn (Makara) and moving back to Sagittarius (Dhanur) can bring accelerated healing. He will aspect Gemini (Mithuna) again from Sagittarius with more power (having high chesta bala due to retrogression) And later in near future two benefics Mercury (Buddha) and Venus (Sukra) will join Jupiter’s aspect in Mithuna – Dhanur axis in June and can bring the disease under reasonable control. So, Revival process will start after 7th May 2020, when Mars is out of Capricorn and in June healing may be intensified. Until June 29, the healing process will continue. So to be precise, we should continue social distancing until May 16, compulsorily and preferably to avoid travel until June 29 (unless it is an emergency or unavoidable and undertaken with precautions). Until Sept 23, when Dragon’s Tail (Kethu is out of Moola star), as pointed out earlier in our article, we have to keep fighting the disease globally. Only after this period reliable solution in the form of medicines may be figured out. Let us pray for early miracle.

What will be probably next?

Rahu in Taurus, Kethu in Scorpio

Rahu will be in Taurus (Vrishabha) from 23rd September 2020 and therefore other troubles like natural calamities, floods, tsunami, world-wide terror attacks, strategic bio-weapon attack, riots, economic slowdown may get momentum post Lunar and Solar eclipses of Nov 30 and Dec 14 respectively. Based on collective karma, some of these things will be at its peak with Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Makara again from November. Jupiter‘s debilitation promotes lack of idealism / honesty in people which may lead to all types of shortcomings/ tensions/ problems during Dec ’10 to March ’21 and July to Nov’ 21. Powerful Prayers and collective positive karma only can mitigate the intensity of adversity. Let us pray and meditate consciously for National and Global welfare.

Period of Nov 20 to Nov 21 is not good for economy at all as discussed earlier. By GF’ Grace, Indian economy will accelerate its growth by year end more after Feb ‘21 and will become very strong post Nov 2021. Bright long term economic future for India is seen.

Let us see some historical dates of pandemics / wars / tensions astrologically based on Rahu,Kethu and Saturn transits:

• 1350, black death, Rahu in Mithuna /Vrishabha

• 1817, cholera , Rahu in Vrishabha

• 1890, Russian flu, Rahu in Mithuna/Vrishabha

• 1918, flu, Ketu in Mithuna

• 1957. Asian flu, Ketu in Vrishabha

• 2009-10, swine flu, Ketu in Mithuna (from Cancer – Kataka)

Generally afflicted Jupiter gives diseases and pandemics and Rahu in Gemini promotes respiratory issues when afflicted further by 6th and 8th Malefic placements.

Some more years of wars, terrorism, natural calamities.

• Jan 1556, Shaanxi earthquake caused many deaths. Rahu in Vrishabha, about to move in Rohini.

• September 1887, Yellow river flood, China. Rahu, Mars, Saturn in Cancer.

• 1913–14, World War-1, Saturn in Taurus.

• 1942–44, World War-2, Saturn in Taurus.

• 13-April-1919, Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Ketu in Taurus (Rohini)

• 1946-47, Hindu-Muslim riots, lots of loss of life. Rahu in Taurus, Saturn in Cancer.

• 1971–72, Indo-Pak war, Saturn in Taurus.

• July 1976, Tangshan earthquake, Shanidev in Cancer.

• 1984, Bhopal gas tragedy, operation blue star and assassination of Head of a nation, Rahu in taurus.

• 2001–02, earthquake(bhuj, Gujrat), world trade center destruction, Gujarat riots. Saturn in Rohini, and Rahu in Gemini/Taurus.

2001 – 9/11 of twin towers attack when Saturn in Rohini. Nepal royal kingdom decimation also took place around same time.

In wars, calamities etc. Saturn afflicting Vrishabha (Taurus) / Kataka (Cancer) signs, with rahu/ketu become noticeable.

Because Saturn is in Makara in its own sign and Jupiter will be with Saturn, in Neecha position most of the time from now until Nov’ 21, people should be careful in investments. Property prices may fall down heavily and also stock market may have ups and down too frequently. Gold prices may go up until July ’21.

As Saturn will continue to be stronger until 2025 in Makara and Kumbha, iron and steel, chemicals, cement, pharmaceutical, and metals (gold) are expected to do fairly well in spite of over all business atmosphere having a downside until Sept which may probably pick up slowly and become better post Nov’ 21. Auto industry, IT, Textiles, Leisure, Finance, Aviation, Electronics, and Real Estate, have to work hard. Post April 2022, when Jupiter goes into Pisces, slowly Global economy will pick up before early 2023. The years 2023-2028 may see by GF’ Grace great economic growth globally and the momentum will slow down after 2028 to see a new global recession in 2030 when Saturn and Jupiter are in opposition (in Vrishabha and Vrischika).

Generally we should learn to live without extravaganza and lavishness, when Jupiter is in debilitation, for better results.Few more private banks may get into trouble. Top class MNC / big Brands may get into trouble. There could be change of person controlling Finances before the end of the year. Due to Neecha Banga effect of Jupiter with Saturn, an eminent Economist may be consulted for better economic control and results.

By carefully investing, not being greedy, prayerfully approaching business issues / problems, intellectually using the resources, saving wherever possible with compassion, reducing pomp and show, having a healthy and economic life style, one can still pass through these periods without much pain or suffering. Some may make good fortunes using this situation with intuition and intelligence owing to their purvapunya and probably due to their individual planetary periods of their birth charts. The above research findings / predictions are not to be taken by the readers as financial/investment advise or guidance. They are to be viewed as findings of an academic report based on our research.

Kindly adhere to Govt. instructions on strict social distancing, other disciplinary advises and instructions of medicare and healthcare experts. for your and family’s benefits.

As per GF in scriptures, To eradicate very powerful bad karmas and to generate exceptional Punya for protection, security and peace one should consciously try to be involved in noble deeds and acts during epidemics like this if it is possible.

Therefore involve yourself, with strict adherence to safety & social distancing norms, in acts such as

Distributing essentials or food to needy and poor of community.

Distributing high quality free face masks

Feeding hungry dogs, cats, animals, birds, ants, fish and other living beings as much as you can.

Chanting your favourite mantra daily at least 108 times

Mediating daily for min. 20 mins.

Paying wages/salaries of your house maids, drivers and cooks without cuts.

Being extra kind to elders and children under 12 years.

Taking care of yourself with min 7 hrs sleep and 1 hr entertainment (comedy preferred or favorite ones and certainly not violent ones)

And of course also Not arguing with your spouse.

Thank you.

Stay safe. Stay home.

GF’ Blessings.