Vedic Astrology Analysis of Business and Markets amid COVID-19 Crisis

Hari Om

FAQs: Astrologically how will be the business and markets trends this year and in future amid COVID-19 crisis?

What are the precautions to be taken?

When will the situation improve ?

At the outset let us pray, with supreme devotion, to GF, Sri Ambal and Lord Mahavishnu to bless all of us and the entire Humanity for security, protection, peace and prosperity.

Firstly we should know that planetary adverse combinations presently from Dec 2019 and more after Feb 27, 2020 until 30th June 2020 and Nov ‘20 to Nov’ 21 are not good for business/economics, probably more adverse than the planetary combinations of 1990-91, 2001 and 2007-2008 recession periods.

Jupiter is the natural significator of 2nd (ruling Finance) and 11th (Profits) house of Zodiac. Therefore Jupiter is the planet for Finance. Jupiter indicates financial position (bank balance) in the chart of a common man and Jupiter is the planet of profit in the chart of a business man. Jupiter also rules turn over / profitability of any business.

Strong Jupiter predicts the flow of money in the market. Weak Jupiter indicates money crisis and debilitated (neecha) Jupiter indicates severe recession (which is presently on)

Now let us see the planetary configurations. From 5th November 2019 Jupiter entered Sagittarius (Dhanur) where Saturn and Ketu were present already. Jupiter was not happy at all with that company. The result is what we witnessed in the last 5 months. How economy of India and the world was disturbed !!

From 24th January 2020, Saturn moved to Capricorn (Makara) and Jupiter got hemmed between Ketu and Saturn. So economics got more worsened due to Corona Virus. The virus was caused by weak Jupiter and Strong Rahu as part of destiny caused by collective bad karma. The planetary influences are not good until May 16 and there may be loss of more lives in large numbers including some VIPs due to this deadly virus and we shall pray GF to put a permanent stop for such calamities and protect the community and humanity.

From 29th March to 30 June 2020 Jupiter will be debilitated in Capricorn. The worst phase of money crisis we may witness in this 3 months due to affliction of weak Jupiter by powerful malefics in a movable sign.

April is really worst and the time around 3rd April to May 16, will be very negative for world economy . Everything can come to a halt. Share market will be bad until April 21 through September 20 with ups and down, unstable during this period. Will stabilise slowly and may do better post Sept and expected to return to normalcy relatively by Feb ’21.

Mars entered Capricorn on 22nd March and further worsened the situation.

There is no end of economic crisis so long as Ketu is in Sagittarius up to the 23rd September. Recession likely to continue until 2021 Nov when Jupiter comes out of Neecha position.

Because Saturn is in Makara in its own sign and Jupiter will be with Saturn, in Neecha position most of the time from now until Nov’ 21, people should be careful in investments. Property prices may fall down heavily and also stock market may have ups and down too frequently. Gold prices may go up until July ’21.

As Saturn will continue to be stronger until 2025 in Makara and Kumbha, iron and steel, chemicals, cement, pharmaceutical, and metals (gold) are expected to do fairly well in spite of over all business atmosphere having a downside until Sept which may probably pick up slowly and become better post Nov’ 21. Auto industry, IT, Textiles, Leisure, Finance, Electronics, and Real Estate, have to work hard. Post April 2022, when Jupiter goes into Pisces, slowly Global economy will pick up before early 2023. The years 2023-2028 may see by GF’ Grace great economic growth globally and the momentum will slow down after 2028 to see a new global recession in 2030-31 when Saturn and Jupiter are in opposition (in Vrishabha and Vrischika).

Generally we should learn to live without extravaganza and lavishness, when Jupiter is in debilitation, for better results.Few more private banks may get into trouble. Top class MNC / big Brands may get into trouble. There could be change of person controlling Finances before the end of the year. Due to Neecha Banga effect of Jupiter with Saturn, an eminent Economist may be consulted for better economic control and results.

By carefully investing, not being greedy, prayerfully approaching business issues / problems, intellectually using the resources, saving wherever possible with compassion, reducing pomp and show, having a healthy and economic life style, one can still pass through these periods without much pain or suffering. Some may make good fortunes using this situation with intuition and intelligence owing to their purvapunya and probably due to their individual planetary periods of their birth charts.

We have only attempted, trying to give general global and local economic trends and expectations based on planetary influences as per Vedic Astrology principles and this may be altered or different for individuals based on their own birth chart, Dasa Bukthi periods, Narayana Dasa and Dasamsa /Navamsa, other divisional charts and various other parameters. The above predictions are not to be taken by the readers as financial/investment advise or guidance.

By the Grace of Almighty, Post Feb ’21 India is expected to start outperforming economically many countries and could reach a better position post Nov ’21 through Oct 2023.

Remedies for improving your Business during this period

1. To light a lamp for Lord Dhakshinamoorthy every Thursday until 2021 November.

2. To chant with devotion Sri Lakshmi Kubera Mantra and Kanakadhara Stotra.

3. To feed cows on Fridays, Mondays and Thursdays with cow gram, agathi keerai and banana.

4. Donate to maintain / run Gaushala.

5. Light lamp for Ganeshji, Lakshmiji and Hanumanji on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays respectively.

6. Perform Ganapathi, Navagraha, Sree Suktham / Kubera Mantra Japa Homams on Full moon day / Friday having Tarabala and Chandrabala.

GF’ Blessings.