Nama Traya Astra Mantra for Protection from Diseases – A Vedic Remedial prayer to Remove Fear of COVID-19

Hari Om

Achyuta Ananta Govinda

Om Achyutaya Namaha

Om Anantaya Namaha

Om Govindaya Namaha

The Agni Purana mentions this powerful mantra which is supposed to be an effective cure for all diseases. The God of Fire, Agni gives an assurance that when this mantra is chanted with faith and devotion, one can overcome all diseases, infection and suffering.

The Nama Traya Astra Mantra is a prayer that people chant for their well-being and protection from evil. This powerful and ancient Sanskrit mantra invokes the three different names of Lord Vishnu. It is one of the strongest barriers against all negative effects. Hindus from various sects chant this mantra for their daily well-being and also during special occasions.

The Nama Traya Astra Mantra

The Nama Traya Astra Mantra is a powerful and ancient Hindu prayer chant that invokes the name of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver. While multiple Sanskrit texts mention this chant, it features most prominently in the revered Padma Purana. Nama Traya Astra Mantra literally means “the triple-name weapon chant”. The three names are Om Achyutaaya, Om Anantaaya and Om Govindaaya.

By uttering this mantra, devotees can apply it as a strong weapon against negative influences and misfortunes. Devotees also firmly believe that this mantra protects the individual from toxic substances, disease, infection and untimely death.

The Mythological Story

The story behind the origin of Nama Traya Astra Mantra dates back to the Samudra Manthana incident. According to Hindu mythology, the gods (devas) and the demons (danavas) were working as an united team to ensure the stability of the holy Meru mountain. To accomplish this, they chose the Manthara mountain as the stirring rod and the Maha Sarpa (great snake) Vasuki as the string to bind the mountain in place. They also needed to extract the nectar of immortality from the ocean of milk. In addition, God (Lord Vishnu) himself assumed the avatar of a tortoise, or kurma, to ensure that the mountain would be held in balance.

The danavas decided to control the head portion of Vasuki, as he was a snake with a thousand heads. As the churning process began, the snake spewed venom on the danavas. Also the head was engulfed in poisonous flames and the danavas perished. On the other hand, the devas who had control of the tail end of the snake all survived. However, as the stirring continued the poisonous flames erupted in a big explosion that threatened to destroy the universe. At this moment, Lord Shiva invoked the three names of Lord Vishnu. This empowered him to swallow the poison and keep it in his throat, making it blue. Henceforth, he acquired the name ‘Neela Kantha’(blue throated). This mantra that invoked the power of Lord Vishnu became the ultimate defence against hardships.

Benefits of Nama Traya Astra

The Nama Traya Astra Mantra is well known for its healing powers. Devotees who chant this mantra with devotion and immense faith can thus experience relief from various chronic and modern diseases. This includes high cholesterol, hypertension, hear diseases, clogged or narrow arteries and structural defects. In addition, people suffering from any other ailment can find respite too. The mantra itself has a simple meaning. It approximately translates to- “I pray to the endless and unfailing lord who rules the universe”. It is an extraordinary and powerful chant and should therefore be repeated regularly.

Devotees can chant this daily, any number of times. Reciting the mantra (at least 36 or preferably 108 times) has the most potent effect. However, devotees must aim to recite this mantra daily for a duration of 15 to 20 minutes to an hour according to their practical convenience. Devotees chanting it a specific number of times, can keep count by using a Tulsi or Rudraksha mala(garland). A rosary of crystal with counting beads can also be used while reciting it. Devotees can choose to repeat the process more number of times during the day.

True meaning of This Mantra

While the Nama Traya Astra Mantra contains three names of the deity, these are not actually physical names. The multiple ‘names’ of Gods are simply the attributes that we ascribe to the Almighty or their powers. God in the real sense is limitless, undifferentiated and undefined. Even the various names that Hindus use for the gods – Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Muruga, Durga, Indra and so on – are all descriptive names for undefined omnipotence and omnipresence. However, by invoking various names of the gods relevant to specific aspects, devotees can connect with them and discover those aspects of that undifferentiated, absolute, transcendental and immanent reality in themselves, thereby gaining spiritual fulfilment and supreme bliss.

While all mantras of Sanatana Dharma are equally or differentially important or effective, the Nama Traya Astra Mantra is uniquely powerful. Any devotee who recites it sincerely with devotion will undoubtedly experience mental fulfilment and tranquility. It is also an ideal mantra for reciting daily. Moreover, it has special healing benefits, especially for those with heart diseases, chronic ailments or breathing difficulties. If you are seeking a powerful chant to recite in your daily life, you should certainly chant this particular Sanskrit verse for attaining peace, fulfilment and bliss.

Nama Traya Astra used by Sri Lalitha against Bandasura.

Bandasura was a cruel and powerful king of demons ruling shonitaputra created from the ashes of kamadeva by lord Ganapathi and he had boon from lord Shiva that his emperor hood will be multi verse for 60 thousand years without any obstacles and he started to create terror all over, no one dared to touch him including devtas failed to show thier power to teach him a lesson because of his boons, this boon made Bandasuras to take his terror to extreme level,he created two brothers from his shoulders and named them as vishruka and vishanga. From his heart he created a sister called Dhumuni and he also had four wifes and thirty sons totally.

The entire clan of devas were in extreme fear because of his terror and his boons and finally they started to run to hide themselves to escape from this cruel demon king. One fine day they all worshiped Adi-parashakti to save from this deadly demon and they pleased Maa Lalitha Tripura Sundari with sincerity and devotion. Divine mother was satisfied by devatas prayer and blessed them giving her abahaya to all Devas. She herself went to war against Bandasura with her Sri-chakra, A deadly full scale Battle took between them with full force

Bandasura kept on sending various deadly weapons one by one like andadamisrhra pashandastra (name of a deadly weapons ) Devi kept on neutralising each and every one of them. Then seeing the magnificent, terrible look of Devi Bandasura employed one of his very powerfull deadly disaster weapon called maha Rogastra ( A weapon which can cause many deadly deseases just like modern days chemical weapons ) from this astra many deadly deceases came out of it, Many soldiers of devi’s army staterd falling sick. Then mahadevi took her all power by yoga (omkara) and created a Mahaastra (Most deadly weapon ) to counter maharogastra and she gave the name as Namatraya asthra and employed it to counter maharogastra which was created by cruel Bandasura. After using Namatrya astra all the deseases were destroyed in a fraction of second..all those who have fallen sick became normal in a moment,whole army started to praise Sri Maha Tripura Sundari and her Namatrya astra ..

Achytaya Mamaha…

Anantaya Namaha…

Govindaya Namaha…

after this even trimurthys came and praised the mother and finally mother Tripura Sundari took the form as Sri Mahakali and killed bandasura by using pasupathastra and restored peace once again in the universe.

From this story, we can understand the power of this weapon mantra, which can be used as a great protection against fear of any diseases including Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Let us start doing sadhana of Namatraya Astra Mantra.

This mantra can supplement, all our healthy and precautionary steps, practices and habits implemented as per advices of heath, medical and hygiene experts, and make them effective and beneficial. All advises and instructions from medicare and heath experts are to be strictly followed for these mantras to work. God help those who help themselves. Surrender with Action is Success.

Achyutaananta Govinda iti naamatrayam Maha Mantram hareh/

yo japetpriyato Bhaktaayaa Pranavaadhyam namontakam/

Tasya Mrityu bhayam naasti visharogaagnijam mahat/

Naamatrayam Maha Mantramjapedyam prayatatmavaan/

Kaala Mrityu bhayam chaapi tasya naasti kimanyatah

Whoever recites the Three Names viz. Om Achyutaaya, Om Anantaaya, and Om Govindaaya sincerely and with dedication and also adhering to strict advises and instructions of medicare and health experts, none of the poisonous diseases or Agni- based frights/deaths, harmful viruses would affect them.

GF’ Blessings.