Who is a True Devotee (Uthama Baktha)?

Hari Om

A true devotee will love God to attain God instead of using God to attain World.

A true devotee will see God in Everything and Everyone with Equal Vision which is Wisdom.

Consciousness (Our Awareness) when purged out of all limitations such as Mind, Intellect, Ego, Senses, Body, and world becomes God in your Heart. You can enjoy His Dharshan eternally when you have true devotion.

A true devotee will not judge or condemn anyone instead he will love unlimitedly, untiringly, unconditionally everyone and everything,

Self (Consciousness) when extroverted though ignorance becomes mind and world. Mind when concentrated and introverted becomes Self. There is no any other mechanism involved in understanding the true nature of God. Through true devotion or prema Bhakthi a devotee will experience the true nature of God.

A true devotee will not have a list of materialistic wishes in his prayers.

A true devotee’s mind will be always filled with Joy and Love and his Actions will be based on Equanimity and Compassion.

A True devotee will handle the Past with Forgiveness, Present with Compassion and Gratitude and the Future with Hope and Faith.

Presently we Deal with God and Dwell in World. Instead for true devotion just shift this paradigm —Dwell in God and Deal with the World.

Worldly people do not experience true devotion because of materialistic desires and attachments which keep them involved with the world. They may worship God, but do so mainly to fulfill their personal desires. A true devotee restrains his mind and senses consciously. Renouncing all desires and attachments, and remaining contented within himself he practices detachment from the attractions of the world. The Bhagavad-Gita declares that just as an ocean, which is full of water, remains undisturbed when the water from several rivers flow into it, a true devotee who has experienced oneness with God remains undisturbed by the stream of desires that flow into him. Therefore, he is not easily deceived or distracted by the temptations and attractions of the world. He remains guarded and protected all the time by avoiding selfish, crooked and evil or disagreeable paths that lead people astray.

A true devotee will pray more for other devotees and for the benefit of humanity and welfare of All.

A true devotee will not judge or find fault with his or her fellow devotee.

A true devotee will use things and love people instead of loving things and using people.

A true devotee will constantly put his efforts towards integrating his thought, word and action towards Dharmic or Righteous Living.

If any of these noble qualities are absent in a devotee, He is termed just as a devotee or Bhaktha who has fear of God but has no Love for God and therefore He is just God fearing and not God Loving. Such a devotee will be very far from God Realisation. He will not cross the turbulent ocean of matter to attain moksha and may be trapped eternally in the cyclic existence of delusory consciousness (birth and death)

There is no birth and death for a true devotee as he will merge with the infinite Lord when his body falls.

GF’ Blessings. Om Tat Sat.