Vedanthic Guidelines from Distilled Wisdom for Self-Realization

Hari Om

Strictly avoid unnecessary talks, gossip and reference to details and questions about others and things not involved in our issues. This is in line with the Vedhanthic requirements for removing impurities from our minds. We should remember that when we hate or talk wrongly about others (even about people who may be wrong or inimical) we are actually altering our Karmic values negatively. We should practice to see God in everything and everyone (Viswaroopa Dharshan in Equal Vision) for attaining eternal Peace and Tranquility through expansion of mind.

Our Life time is to be consciously utilised for only rightful actions with the steadfastness to remove the negative values of Hatred, Jealousy, Greed, Lust, Anger, Grief, Pride, Delusion, Ego and Fear for attaining purity, maturity and detachment, and consequently to realise the Supreme Lord in our Heart.

Because of our past karma we may experience obstacles, failures or shortcomings, losses and mishaps. Due to frustration caused by these experiences we should not expect others to suffer or wish anyone bad as these would add to our Karmic values negatively to delay our recovery from problems now restoration of peace now. Due to habitual pattern of thinking (Vasanas) we will be into this delusory cyclic consciousness leading to suffering through innumerable births and deaths. We should seek Lord’s benediction to overcome these stinking thinking habits and to neutralise these thoughts with positive thoughts of Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity the great immeasurable qualities of positive mind.

To be elevated spiritually and to attain liberation asap one should:

– Stop doing harmful or prohibited activities (Nishidha Karmas) immediately

These include cheating, stealing, adultery, telling lies, and all violent actions.

– Reduce doing Kamya karmas or selfish activities including prayers and rituals for selfish goals.

– Increase Nishkama karmas or selfless activities. Even prayers are to be performed without Sankalpa for selfish requirements. Dhanam, Tapas and Yajnas for universal welfare only are to be performed.

Prayaschitha karmas are also binding karmas when performed for Sukha Prapti or for enjoying happiness. Relatively Prayaschitha karmas performed for removing griefs or suffering (Dukha Nivarthi) are better or less binding than those performed for Sukha Prapti.

Remember that whatever happiness or misery you receive or give is only a loan and you have to payback or receive appropriately the effects in this or other births.

Only by being detached to both happiness and grief with equanimity can liberate you. You have to see the entire universe and all happenings and events as faultless without judgement to avoid binding any type of karma.

Vidhya Maya (Meritoriuos worldly deeds) should replace Avidya Maya by practice initially and in due course, through detachment and God’s Grace even Vidya Maya will be transcended and only Undifferentiated, non dual and self effulgent Brahman will shine in your heart.

Committed practice (Abhyasa) and dispassionate calmness (Vairagya) are the two great aspects of Yoga to be followed by All for Realization of the Truth(GOD) in our Heart in this life itself. Dedicated Practice and Detachment will certainly reveal the Truth.

Hope it is clear.

GF Blessings.