Sri Sikkal Singaravelan Temple – The Miraculous Temple of Lord Muruga

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Sikkal Singaravelan Temple is situated about 5 KM from Nagapattinam on the Nagapattinam-Tiruvarur route.

This is a Saiva temple with Lord Siva bearing the name Sri Navaneetheswara Swamy. But the main deity is Lord Subrahmanya called Singaravelan. Sage Vasishta made a sivalinga in butter extracted from the milk of the divine cow Kamadhenu for worship. After puja, the sivalinga could not be shifted and got stuck and hence the name sikkal in Tamil for this place. This temple was worshipped by sages Vasishta, Viswamitra, wish-granting cow Kamadenu and Emperor Muchukunda of Deva Loka. Saints Gnans Sambandhar and Arunagirinathar have sung in praise of the Lord Sikkal Singaravelan.

The Goddess (Parvati) is in the standing posture here in the name of Velnedunganni. Ganapati, Mahalakshmi, Nataraja, the sixty three Nayanmars, Bhairava, Surya and Chandra are also present in the Temple in separate sannadhis at the respective places as per Agama sastra.

The sthala vriksha (sacred tree) here is jasmine. There are three holy tanks for this temple namely Ksheera (ie. milk), Gaya and Lakshmi Tanks.

During the Tamil month of Aiyppasi, Skanda Shashti is celebrated in a grand manner for the main deity Singaravelavar. Tradition tells us that the Lord received the Vel (spear) at Sikkal from His mother (Velnedunganni) and killed Surapadman at Tiruchendur the next day. During Skanda Shashti, Lord Singaravelavar will receive the Vel one day prior to Surasamharam from his mother to destroy the demon Surapadman. During the annual ritual on this day of receiving the Vel even today, one will find Muruga’s face perspiring, which is a miracle. The Singaravelavar is in the form of utsavamurti with his consorts Valli and Devayanai, showering his divine grace. The belief is that by offering the ‘Sathru samhara tiri sathai’ prayer and haven to Lord Muruga, we will be relieved of enemies’ attack and reap benefits. Lord Muruga in this Temple can grant His devotees in addition, boons of peace, prosperity and bliss.

Legend has it that Muchukunda Cholan, associated with the Tiruvarur legend had constructed this temple. Vasishta is said to have prayed to Shiva to recover his Kamadhenu, whose milk flowed and frozen to form butter. Fashioning a lingam out of butter (Venneippiran), Vasishtar tried in vain to move it; it had gotten stuck (hence the name sikkal).

Tirukkannankudi – a Vaishnava Divyadesam (near Keevalur / Sikkal) has a legend associated with Vasishtar offering worship to an image of Krishna which he had fashioned out of butter. The Ksheera Pushkarini (Paal Kulam) tank is located behind the temple. Legend also has it that Vishnu sought the blessings of Shivji before venturing out to the court of the demon king Mahabali, and there is a Kola Vaamana Perumaal shrine adjacent to the temple.

The 7-tiered rajagopuram that adorns the entrance of this temple is about 80 feet in height. Inscriptions from the imperial Chola period and from the Vijayanagar period abound in this temple which covers an area of about two acres. The Kartikai Mandapam in the forefront exhibits a number of paintings portraying legends related to Lord Subramanya.

Six worship services are offered each day here. A number of marriages are performed in this temple in the kalyana mandapam. The annual brahmotsavam is celebrated in the month of Cittirai. Singaravelar receives his Vel (spear) from Devi during Skanda Sasti festival in the month of Aiyppasi.

This temple is one of the powerful Murugan temples in Tamilnadu, and in particular one of the famous temples in Nagapattinam. GF village (Puliyur) is just about 3 km from Sikkal. GF’ Samithi is one of the main sponsors of annual Thaipoosam Theppam festival, which is celebrated with great devotion after restoration of this festival, for the past several years.

In the “Vel Vaangum Thiruvizha” at Sri Singavelar Temple, Sikkal performed annually during Skanda Shasti / Soorasmharam festival,the amazing fact is that when Skandha prepares to receive his Vel, the utsavar idol of Singara Velavar breaks out into profuse sweating (The tension and the anger of a lord who awaits to kill the asura). This happens every year, even upto the present times and defies explanation. The priests continuously wipe the idol’s face with silk cloth and the sweat is sprinkled on the crowd gathered as divine theertha. People throng the streets to witness this miracle and if blessed possibly get a drop of that sweat on themselves. The sweating subsides when he returns to his sanctum, the owner of the divine Vel. On the sixth day, the soorasamhaaram takes place.

‘Evil, Beware! Guha in all his divinity will protect us’.🙏🙏🐓🌹🙏

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Singaravelavar (Lord Muruga) Sannidhi in this Temple is given more importance than the Sannidhis of presiding deity and goddess. Sikkal is well known for Lord Singaravelar. The moment we spell Sikkal, Singaravelar comes to our mind instantly. The music and songs portrays the pride of Singaravelar who obtained Vel from goddess is seen facing toward south in his sannidhi, just like Sri Nataraja Perumal seen facing towards south in Chitrambalam, after cosmic dance before Pathanjali and Vygrapatha Saint.

The Temple has all the three features known as Moorthi (Idol), Teertham (holy water) and sthalam. Arunagirinathar has sung in praise of this temple in his work”Tirupugal” According to legends, after three hours while sweating, salts due to the sweat can be seen on the body of the Lord Singaravelavar. A commissioner of then East India Company has indicated about this in his note. It is miraculous to note that even when it is raining outside sweat drops are seen on the walls of the sannidhi and on the deity’s body.

Devas reported to Tirumal, the troubles caused to them by Mahabali Chakravarti who is ruling the earth. Lord Tirumal manifested himsellf and took the form of Vamana and reached Sikkal. He created the Gaya Teertham. He took holy bath in the theertham and prayed to Sri Navaneethaswarar to provide strength to destroy Mahabali Chakravarthi, and the weapons requested by devas. Sri Navaneethaswarar appeared before him and blessed him with strength to destroy Mahabali. Tirumal destroyed Mahabali Chakravarti and brought permanent relief to devas. Tirumal Sannidhi is remaining as a pride to this Temple in Sikkal. He is blessing the devotees of Lord Muruga and Shivji with the name Kolavamana Perumal. Lord Hanunan (Anjeneyar) blessing the devotees has a separate sannidhi in the north west corner of this temple. Devotees may offer curd rice to Him to get their wishes fulfilled.

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