The Mysterious Devi Temple in Bihar where The Idols Speak To Each Other at Night.

Hari Om

Shree Matre Namah!

Miracles do occur.

In a nation like India, where people believe in superstitions and are religious, miracles tend to happen frequently.

The famous Sri Raja Rajeswari Tripura Sundari temple at Bastar, Bihar, attracts millions of devotees from across the country. The temple, dedicated to Goddess Durgamataji, is a revered place for tantrics as   there are   several idols of Goddess Durga in various Devi avatars (forms of Dasa Maha Vidhya) like Dhumavati, Bagulamukhi, Tara, Kali, Chinnamastha, Shodasi, Maatangi, Kamala, Bhairavi, Bhuvaneswari etc. It has been a long tradition in this temple to worship the deities by using Vedic and Tantrik practices. Tantrik practitioners have an unbroken and unwavering faith in the power of this shrine.

Tantric yogi Bhawani Mishra established this powerful temple about 400 years ago and it is firmly believed that the many idols in the temple premises talk to each other even today at night. Many people have heard noise of human voices coming through the walls of the temple as if the deities were conversing with each other. Apart from the main idol of Goddess Raja Rajeshwari Tripura Sundari, in the Temple, there are idols of Goddesses Bagulamukhi and Tara along with Batuk Bahirava, Dattatrey Bahirava, Annapurna Bhairava, Kala Bhairava and Mangandi Bhairava.

A group of learned scientists visited the Temple to study the mystery and they have confirmed that past dusk, one can hear voices coming from the temple even when there is no visibility of any human in the nearest or close by vicinity. Locals believe that at midnight, one can hear the idols talk to each other and scientists say that it in unknown why words keep echoing in the main temple at nights. It is said that they were considering theories of probable reflections (or reverberations) of absorbed sounds with delayed effects from structures but these theories are yet to be established or proved as cause of these sounds. According to some learned, in Tantrik practices, it is believed that idols can be made to speak or respond to queries through intense meditation and Sadhana involving specific tantrik procedures. (At this juncture, we may recall how our Gurunathar (GF) through his upasana power used to get frequent and powerful visions as well as live dharshans of the Goddess Sri Lalitha Maha Tripurasundari at GF Village. He had direct communication with the Divine Mother and also attained Astamahasiddhi.)

To everyone’s astonishment and amazement, this mystical phenomenon still remains unsolved and no one knows why one can hear sounds coming out of the temple. Maybe it is the Goddess Raja Rajeswari speaking to mankind or something that we may not know yet, but the fact that many devotees stand in long queues to seek blessing from the Goddess is a symbol of ultimate and supreme devotion.

Sri Raja Rajeswari Namah!

Sri Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari Namah!

GF’ Blessings.