The Miracle that is Thirupathi!

Hari Om

Thirupathi, the abode of the Lord on the Seven Hills, is powerful for more reasons than one…

There is a miracle that occurs every day in the sanctum sanctorum of Thirumalai Thirupathi!

Most people are able to visit Thirupathi about once a year. Even then, one has to wait in the queue for several hours before one can get a glimpse of the God.

Even at that moment, we are pushed away unceremoniously by the orderlies around, chanting jarugandi (move on).

Only after coming out of the jostling crowd will we remember all that we forgot to pray for!

We lament, “How was the deity bedecked? Good Lord! Didn’t even get to see Him properly.”

We will blame the crowds for our not glimpsing the deity and offering our prayers properly. But that is not the truth.

Dr Ramana Deekshitar says that it is a unique power at that particular point from where we glimpse the god that plays havoc with our memory.

I was very surprised when I heard this!

We don’t even get to see the god for a few minutes. I have even envied the priests and the Devasthana administrators who get to spend so much time with him! But Ramana Deekshithar says that they also stop thinking in that place!

Only selfless Yogis and great souls who come to have a darshan without any expectations are exceptions to this.

Dr Ramana Deekshitar narrates a unique experience to explain why we forget our desires near the sanctum sanctorum.

“When we reach the sanctum sanctorum, we tend to forget our prayers and needs. When we come out after the darshan, we forget how the deity was bedecked. Why? Everybody has this strange experience.”

This is one of the many things that goes beyond our reasoning powers. Let us examine the reason now.

From the sanctum sanctorum of Garudazhwar to the main deity’s shrine, it is considered a high energy field.

As mentioned in the Vedas, this energy field attracts the innumerable deities, Kinnaras, Kimpurushas, Garuda, Gandharvas, Siddhas, Saatyas, Yakshas, Rakshas to worship the god every day.

As said in the Lord’s Ashtothra, Swetadeepam, Siddhas who have attained salvation, have a darshan of the Lord from where they are.

Skanda, as Lord Muruga is also known, is ever in penance in the pond called Kumaradhara, and visits the deity every day.

Several gods visit the sanctum sanctorum every day, to offer their prayers to the Lord.

But they do not visit with their material body and are not visible to the eye.

They appear as energy and are present in their spiritual forms.

Because of their presence, energy fields are being created constantly.

Because of the presence of these powerful deities and the energy fields they create, the human mind becomes stunned by the alpha waves generated by these fields. It becomes blank.

So they forget to seek favours when they are in front of the deity. A temporary loss of memory occurs.

Similarly, all memory of having seen the lord is also not retained. The memory is wiped out.

Both these events are a result of the changes caused by the intense energy fields generated in the sanctum sanctorum.

This is one of the many miracles that take place inside Thirumalai Sri Venkateshwara’s sanctum sanctorum.

This is a wonder indeed!

Om Namo Venkateshaya!

GF’ Blessings.