Evil Eye or Nazar – Cause, Effect and Cure (Remedies)

Cause and Effect

The envious or jealous look directed at a person, that causes misfortune, disease, losses, downfall, severe physical or mental injuries is termed as Evil eye or Nazar or Duradhrishti. The evil eye is well-known throughout history. It is mentioned in our scriptures (Atharva Veda), ancient Greek, Chinese and Roman texts, as well as in many, famous literary works, including the Bible (Proverbs 23:6: ‘Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats’), the Koran and Shakespeare (Benjamin Radford, Live Science).

Nazar is not a superstitious belief but a scientific fact based on the principle of thought waves. When a jealous or evil person sends his negative thought waves to another person through his feelings, looks, or sometimes through touch or thought, the forthcoming life events of the victim (receiving person) will be affected negatively – resulting in obstruction, delay or denial. The effect will be severe if the receiving person is without awareness at the time of receiving. Human thoughts have great powers which can break or make a society or a person. Oftentimes, we can observe or experience Nazar-effects manifesting or occurring in a repeated pattern or in a uniform manner, especially after meeting or visiting certain people, relatives, friends or places.

From the karmic point of view, Nazar or Evil eye will trigger the effects of bad karmas of the past to happen without appropriate cause or reason in the present. As every event/experience of our life is nothing but the resultant outcome of interactions between multiple interconnected probabilities of karmic particles, it is important to see the Evil eye from the scientific angle, with the perspective of wisdom from our scriptures. When a person does not do Nithyakarma, Pitru Karmas, Prayachitha Karmas regularly, or in other words when one does not have a proper prayerful life the effects of Nazar will be severe and sometimes incurable.

While it is a fact that a person directing evil thoughts or intentions through jealousy or hatred will undergo physical and mental illness or losses, his potential to harm negatively will also be powerful based on the receiver’s spiritual energies. Placing a photo of ‘Shubha Dhristi Ganesh’ or hanging a string of lemon and chillies at the entrance, at the door, can ward off the effects of the evil eye caused by strangers, the public or visitors. However, the strong bad effects of Nazar on individuals by close relatives or friends, has to be cured by specific remedies.

The effects of Nazar or Evil eye

1. A member in the family may suffer from chronic illness.

2. A theft or loss may happen suddenly.

3. Reduction in income without valid reason or increase in expenses suddenly, could become out of control.

4. Your pets or livestock can suffer due to ill-health or loss of appetite.

5. Babies or children can fall sick frequently or suddenly.

6. Quarrels between siblings, family members or husband and wife can take place.

7. The business can run through a rough patch in spite of all good efforts.

8. Pimples, skin diseases, fractures, mishaps, accidents or other ailments can occur suddenly.

9. What is going on well can get reversed for no reason.

10. There can be discomfort while travelling. Eating, sleeping or working disorders are also many-a-time caused by the effect of the Evil eye and so on.

In those days, people use to take a bath in holy waters or in the sea regularly – so there was in-built protection against many of these effects. Our scriptures always recommend taking a bath in running water for valid and scientific reasons.

Although there are various methods to cure the Evil eye and to end the physical suffering and misfortune it can cause, the simplest way is to generate a positive change from within. Surround yourself with positive people, dedicate yourself to unselfish causes, pray or meditate regularly, visit holy places and carry out all activities with benevolence, compassion and justice. Conceivably the best way to rid yourself of evil is to create something good for yourself and others.

Recommended Remedies

For Illness-related issues:

Take sea water in a bottle or container and distil the water using a white clean cloth. After distillation, take the resultant water, mix a small proportion of fresh komiyam (cow’s urine), and add salt and pepper. Store this in a bottle and sprinkle the water inside the rooms of your home on a Tuesday, Saturday, full moon day or new moon day. This remedy will burn the effects of the Evil eye and all resulting effects.

For removing a pet’s or livestock’s illness:

Bathe the affected livestock or pets using turmeric powder mixed in water.

For business-related issues:

Place a lemon in a glass vessel or a tumbler full of water. Make sure that the glass is a fully transparent one. Place the glass vessel or tumbler visibly, so that people who visit your office/place can see it. Also, change the water every morning after sunrise before 9 am (and not during Rahu kalam). Every Saturday or Tuesday morning, replace the lemon with a new one.

For guard against thefts and losses:

To remove such evil effects, keep colourful beads or stones or semi precious gemstones in a white bowl or a jar in the hall centre table.

For family protection:

Take rock salt, pepper, red chillies in your hand, close your palm into a fist, circle your fist around family members’ heads three times clockwise and anticlockwise, three times up and down and throw the things that are in your palm into a well or under running water.

Also you can burn 3 or 9 or 11 dry broomsticks and move the burning sticks around the heads of family members; place the burning broomsticks in the South East corner of your house.

For severe Nazar, in addition to the above, you can break four two-eyed coconuts and three-eyed coconuts in four areas (directions) of the house after doing a similar exercise.

Breaking ash gourd on the road in front of the house after lighting camphor on it and circling it about before the house, as above, every month on a New moon day, is a very effective capital protection remedy.

For protecting children from health issues:

Take a small amount of sand from the street corner and mix it with mustard. Gently apply the mix on your children’s stomachs. After applying the mixture, you can remove it gently after 10 minutes.

For removing bad luck or misfortune:

By keeping an aquarium at home or at office as required, one can get rid of misfortunes or bad luck in business or in life caused by Nazar or Evil eye. The aquarium should be kept in the hall of the house, and should be placed in the south side of the hall. You should avoid keeping jelly fish. A star fish is recommended. Care should be taken to replenish the aquarium frequently with fresh water and feed the fish with proper food materials as applicable. Otherwise bad karmas can be accumulated.

For protection of pregnant ladies:

While going out, pregnant ladies should take a few (two or more) neem leaves and keep this with them. After returning home, the neem tree leaves should be burnt. This will burn the Evil eye cast on them.

Going around a peepal, neem or banyan tree daily, a minimum of three times clock-wise, will protect everyone from all kinds of negative energies.

For protection from quarrels, discord between relationships and families:

Pepper, dry roast alum, red chilly, green chilly, large sea shells, a comb with broken blades and lemon are the common elements used for removing evil eye in a house or a person.

General Vedic remedy

You need to perform the following Japa/Homa with competent Vedic Archaryas, every year at home, in Uttarayana on the Janma Nakshatra day of the house-owner, including all family members’ names in the prayers with appropriate Sankalpa:

Ganapathi Homam

Navagraha Homam

Sudharshana Moola mantra

And Dhristi Durga mantra

14,000 times japa and 1400 times (Avarthies / Counts) haven with appropriate ingredients will protect all family members from the negative influences of Nazar or Evil eye.

Temples for Evil-Eye cure

One can visit any of the following temples for protection from the Evil eye:

1. Dasa Puja Trinethra Anjeneyar Temple at Ananthamangalam, (near Thirukkadaiyur), Tamilnadu.

2. Sri Chakrath Alzwar Temple at Thirumogur

3. Samayapuram Mariamman Temple

4. Valangaiman Mariamman Temple

5. Tirupathi Sri Balaji Temple on Thursday morning, to have the Nethra Dharshan.

6. The Kaval Deivams of your native village on New Moon day or full moon days.

Simple living, humility and positive thinking coupled with the practice of presence of God with supreme devotion or Prema Bhakti in every moment (living with awareness in the ‘Now’) will destroy all the bad effects of Nazar. For this one should be under the supervision of a Guru for a length of time.

May you all receive choicest Blessings of Goddess Dhristi Durgamataji and live a Nazar-free happy and peaceful life.

GF’ Blessings.