Highly Beneficial Sravana Vratham (Fasting) for Lord Vishnu

Hari Om

Sravana Vratham (fasting) is observed by Vishnu devotees. It is quite similar to Ekadasi fast. A brief description of Sravana Vratham Procedure is discussed here. The fast is observed every month on the Sravana Nakshatram day.

The fasting is for a whole day from sunrise to next day sunrise – this is recommended only for healthy people.

People who have various medical conditions or old aged should not observe this strict fast. Such people should eat fruits and other Vrat foods or prefer partial fasting.

Observing silence (Mounam) while observing the Vratham is highly beneficial both spiritually and materially. Meditation on Lord Vishnu should be given priority during Vrath.

The two important prayers that should be chanted on the day are Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam or Pancha Sooktham.

It’s highly rewarding to perform pujas and rituals on this auspicious day of sravana nakshatra which bestows happiness, security, peace and prosperity and helps attain Liberation. It also leads the devotees to Vaikuntha, the heavenly abode of Lord Sriman Narayana.

The Rakshogna Suktha Homam

The Rakshogna Suktham homa is recommended along with Sudarshana homa on this day which is the appropriate ritual to invoke Lord Sudarshana (with Sudarshana moola mantra) who is the most powerful form of Lord Vishnu to be worshipped and invoked with devotion on Sravana nakshatra vrat day. The powerful lord Sudarshana is the destroyer of evil and bestower of noble attributes like Vidya (knowledge), stability, vision, clarity and material prosperity and protection of wealth.

The Rakshoghna Sukta is a series of powerful Vedic mantras that protect the devotee and all their belongings from damage. The powerful mantras have the potential to remove obstacles, miseries, fulfill worldly desires and ward off evil effects of Navagrahas and Vaastu dosha. It also safeguards one’s home from various curses thereby giving peace and tranquillity. The prayers are addressed to deities like Agni, Indra and Soma to ward off evil spirits that cause havoc in your life. The hymns are so efficacious that it can even powerfully protect a foetus inside a mother’s womb.

Through the Vedic rituals, Sudharshana and his consort Vijayavalli (a form of Goddess Lakshmi) can be invoked. Therefore by invoking these supreme deities not only wealth is acquired / protected, but also sins, evil and sorrows of all sorts are eradicated.

Benefits of Sravana Vratham

• It removes all obstacles

• It eradicated miseries and doshas

• It protects wealth and and helps receive abundance

• It bestows good health by protecting us from illnesses and incurable diseases

• It has potential to provide remedies to Vaastu and Navagraha afflictions

• With the Blessings of Lord Vishnu, it can bestow you with wealth, removing sins, removing grief and granting liberation.

• It ward off evil spirits and forces that cause mental disturbances.

The fast can be broken next day during sunrise after offering nivedhyam. The fast should be broken by taking initially some liquid diet.

All the rules associated with Ekadashi fasting should be followed for Sravana Vratham.

GF’ Blessings.