Saturn Transit to Makara (Capricorn) Rasi from Dhanur (Sagittarius) Rasi in Jan 2020

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Sri Gurubyoh Namah !

Om Ganeshaya Namah !

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Om Sham Shanaiscaryaye Namah||

OM Vishnu Bhakthaya Namah||

Saturn transits to Makara (Capricorn) Rasi from Dhanur (Sagittarius) Rasi on 24th January 2020, 12.05 pm as per Trikanitha panchang. As per Vakya panchang, Saturn transit to Makara will be on 27th December 2020. Tirunallar Shani Dev Temple celebrates Shani peyarchi (transit) on this date only as per Vakya panchangam. Different almanacs may give different dates of Saturn transit but for astrological and practical purposes, in general, Trikanidh panchangam is widely accepted and followed. Saturn will stay in Makara for about 2.5 years.

Courtesy : Thirunallar Shani Bhagawan

Transit of Shani Dev is always an important and most feared one in Vedic Astrology. Shani Bhagawan gives appropriate Karma Phala based on one’s past actions without fail. He is the Chief planet in giving Justice.

When somebody corrects his mistakes, turns to honest living, following Dharma, Shani Bhagawan promotes his or her happiness and dealings. However the most important will be to change your life style. Saturn expects self-discipline, renunciation, surrender, detachment, honesty, loyalty, objectivity, and performing good karma regularly.

Karmic expiation like prayer, atonement, chanting of Mantra, worship of the deity, fasting on Saturdays and also giving to deserving charity based on your ability will definitely cleanse the influence of a negative Saturn in our life.

As per scriptures , in general, Shani in ardastama (4th) from natal Moon sign (for Tula Rasi people) can produce separation from family members, passing away of mother or her equals. Unhappiness, problems related to purchase of properties. By transit in 4th house, it is meant from chandra rasi, rather simply termed as rasi.

The effects based on Saturn position In the saptama (7th) position (for Kataga Rasi people) are separation from family members, delay in marriage or discard in married life, ill health to wife. The native will be prone to accidents and will have confinement in bed due to this.

In the astama (8th) position (for Mithuna Rasi people) he gives disgrace, humiliations, loss of popularity, poverty, failures in all fronts.

In the 12-1-2 positions (popularly known as sade-sathi or 71/2 Nattu Shani, now for Kumbha, Makara, and Dhanur Rasi people respectively, he may cause hospitalization, separation from family, untimely meals, lack of rest and sleep, loss of name and a sense of left alone in life. Financial and familial problems, mental worries also will be there. Shani during his adverse transits will cause sufferings due to any in-born tendencies. Any health problems during such periods will have a tendency to prolong.

Similarly, 10th Shani (for Mesha Rasi people) gives anxiety, misunderstandings in the professional circles.

In 6th house, shani position (for Simha Rasi People) causes weakness and infections due to break down in immune system. Anxiety, mounting loans, losses due to enemies, penalties from the government, and no help available in time. Trusted friends, relatives not available at the time of need. But they may overcome these troubles.

In the 8th house (For Mithuna Rasi), he causes failures in all fronts, unhappiness, disputes with elders. In the 12th shani (for Kumbha Rasi) gives ever increasing expenditure. Wasteful investments, unnecessary travel, worries related to children.

When the transit is beneficial (in the houses, 3-6-11 from chandra rasi, for Vrischika, Simha, Meena Rasi people respectively, this period is going to be extremely good. Similarly, if the transit happens to be in adverse houses like 4th, 7th, 8th or 12-1-2 from chandra rasis, then the delays will be extremely bad. Let us not forget that an exalted planet will also do good in the ways of his natural significance. No matter whatever your rasi be, the natural significations of that planets will flourish. Based on the natural significance of the planet, people in service class will be more dominant and happy compared to masters. The people who shun public life (like researchers, spiritual aspirants) will be more productive. People draw up long term plans, Shani bhagwan blesses the people with stability, with an insight into history. Antics dealers, archeologists may have remarkable progress. It may sound contradictory how shani in 7th for instance bring remarkable progress. So, one has to be careful of what he is looking at drawing separate and independent conclusions based on the status of the planet as well as position from rasi.

Note: Also based on individual’s horoscope based present Vimshottari Dasa and Bukthi (major and minor periods), friendliness of Satun to Lagna Lord, Rasi Lord, placement of Saturn in Rasi and Navamsa at the time of birth, the results explained above may get modified or nullified appropriately. Competent Vedic astrologer can guide on this.

Retrogression starts when Shani is away by 251° from Surya and the direct motion is resumed when Shani comes close to Surya, by 109°. Retrogression is apparent phenomenon, no planets track backwards in its orbit. When your car accelerates, the car beside you seems to recede backwards, though both cars move in the same direction. In our humble experience, the planets in retrogression give ‘stay’ order! Nothing happens – neither good nor bad – but the issues are kept on low flame. They do not go away either. For those having benefic transit, the results will be withheld. There will be respite from evil transit for those who suffer evil effects. Shani’s transit in 3rd, 6th and 11th from rasi (moon-sign) brings good results, provided there are no planet/s (other than Sun) transiting in the 12th, 9th and 5th respectively from moon-sign. Similarly, for those having evil transit in the 12th, 9th and 5th, the planet/s (other than Sun) in 3rd, 6th and 11th respectively give relief from evil effects. When a planet retrogrades to the previous sign and re-enters the next sign, some people think, it gives extra strength to the planet.

Transit effect can also be considered using astakavarga of Shani, which depend on individual charts. It is said that if shani has more than 4 points in his own astakavarga, he becomes good. Shani is considered good in 3-6-11th from rasi. If transit shani is in 11th natal shani, then we may presume reasonably that the transit is good, as there is aspect on his natal position. But position in 6th happens to be 6/8 from natal position, which obviously can not bring good events. We have not found any reliable results by considering astakavarga or sarvastakavarga or the transit of shani in navamsha chart. Though shani is bad in other houses (other than 3, 6 and 11), the WORST transits are 4th (ardastama shani), 7th (saptama shani), 8th (astama shani), 10th (dashama shani) and 12-1-2 transit (sade-sathi). If chandra is in 1st, 6th and 11th from rasi, he is said to be Swarna murti. In 2, 5, 9 he is Rajata murti and in 3,7,10 he is called Taamra murti while in 4,8,12 he is Loha murti. Shani transiting as Swarna murti is said to give excellent results while as Rajata murti he gives moderate results. But as Taamra and Loha, he is bad and very bad. Transit of shani over stars counted from janma nakshatra are assigned to body parts. Shani transiting Shani transiting over janma nakshatra, 9 to 11th stars are considered bad. Similarly, Transit over 26th and 27th stars cause havoc.

If you are born in makara, kumbha, tula and vrishabha rasis or lagnas, you need not have to worry – no matter whatever the position of shani be in transit. You will not suffer much and remedial measures will give good returns. If your rasi or lagna happen to be kataka or simha, you are subjected to more severity, if the transit is bad.

The table below gives benefic/malefic aspects for various rasis as per the transit of Saturn in January 2020.

Rasi /Chandra position/ Benefic or Malefic/ Intensity

Mithuna 8 Malefic ******

Kataga 7 Malefic ****

Simha 6 Benefic.

Kanya 5 Malefic ***.

Tula 4 Malefic *****

Vrischika 3 Benefic.

Dhanur 2 Malefic *****

Makara. 1 Malefic ******

Kumbha 12 Malefic *****

Meena 11 Benefic.

Mesha 10 Malefic ***

Vrishabha 9 Malefic ***

*Indicates the intensity of maleficence.

Remedies for Kataga, Vrishabha, Kanya, Mesha Rasis,

1) To visit Thirunallar on a Saturday once in 12 months up to 2023 June and perform Archana for Lord Shiva, Parvati and Shani Bhagwan and light 9 til oil lamps and feed 9 poor people after Dharshan.

2) To visit Guruvayoor on a Friday or Saturday and perform Archana for Lord Guruvayoorappan and feed 108 people, after giving body weight equivalent Turmeric and Til Oil in Tulabaram.

3) ) From now For 16 continuous Saturdays to perform at Local Shani Temple (in Navagraha) archana and to light til oil lamp and for every 8th Saturday til oil Abishegam for Shani Bhagawan ,offer Garland with blue flowers and also to perform following this every week Vadamala to Sri Hanumanji at Hanuman Temple for first 3 saturdays

For Mithuna, Kumbha, Makara, Dhanur and Tula Rasis in addition to above,

4) From now For 125 continuous Saturdays to perform at Local Shani Temple ( in Navagraha) archana and to light til oil lamp and for every 8th Saturday til oil Abishegam for Shani Bhagawan ,offer Garland with blue flowers and also to perform following this every week Vadamala to Sri Hanumanji at Hanuman Temple for first 3 saturdays.

5) To donate on auspicious days a Silver Kavacham (can be even plated) for a Powerful Shani Bhagwan in a Temple before 2021 Jan and offerings to a Goshala.

6) To get Agni Bala , to perform for 24 Ashtami’s (1 year period) Archana and to light lamp at Temple for Lord Bhairavji (Agni Dimension of Lord Shiva), preferably to Ashtabhuja Kala Bhairavar

7) To recite to Sr Hanuman Sahasranama on Saturdays up to 2023 Jan or Hanuman Chalisa daily 2 times or following Shani Dev Mantra

|| OM Nilanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam chaya martanda sambhutam tam namami shanaishcharam|| )

36 times daily.

8) To visit Sucheendram and perform archana for Main Deity (Tirumoorthy) and Lord Hanumanji.

9) to feed 8 or more handicapped beggars with food and spicy curd rice for 9 Saturdays

10) To visit Kuchanur Shani Bhagawan Temple on a Saturday.

11) For people above 30 years should also visit Thirukollikadu on a Saturday and perform archana for Shani Bhagawan

12) For people above 60 years should visit Thirukadaiyur and perform archana for Goddess Abhirami and Lord Shivji

“Dressed in blue, dark blue in colour, who has four arms, the son of the Sun, who appears fearful, whose nature is peaceful, whose vehicle is an ox, who moves slow, who carries a trident, bow and mace in his hands, with a blue sapphire crest jewel on his head, making the gesture that gives boons, may Divine Saturn ever grant his grace to All”

GF’ Blessings.