Guruji’s 5G and Meditation

Hari OM

Associate yourself with utmost faith and devotion always with Guruji’s 5G (given below) for purifying your body and mind so as to acquire spiritual awareness, devotion and knowledge towards ultimate truth, leading to liberation or Moksha. This planet earth is not a waiting Hall to kill time or doing always worldly duties for achieving fake or essence-less impermanent or ephemeral dreams.

Guruji’s 5 G:

1 God ( Govinda)

2. Guru

3. Gita (The Bhagavat Gita)

4. Gayathri Mantra and

5. Ganga (Holy waters)

Do not waste all your precious life time towards fulfilling material goals of earning, entertainment and enjoyment. Before you even get fulfilled you will be removed from this world without any advance notice given to you or your kin.

Praise the Lord and Purify yourself.

Ley us recall important verses from Sri Adi Sankaracharya’s Bhaja Govindam at this moment and understand Life:

Yaavadvittopaarjana Saktah

Staavannija Parivaaro Raktah

Pashchaajjiivati Jarjara Dehe

Vaartaam Koapi Na Prichchhati Gehe ……. 5

Meaning: When you are active, you earn and support your family

They love you and care for you

But when you age, become ill and your body weakens

Your family do not have time for you at all.

Yaavatpavano Nivasati Dehe

Taavatprichchhati Kushalam Gehe

Gatavati Vaayau Dehaapaaye

Bhaaryaa Bibhyati Tasminkaaye ………… 6


When you are young and active, you have people

Family who ask about you and your health

But when it is time for the soul to depart, when death rings his bell

Even your wife will be repelled by your dead body.

The only way to cross over the turbulent ocean of material energy and its inherent nature of impermanence and grief, is to attach your mind to God and detach it from the world.

By continuously and meticulously chanting Lord’ name, for a length of time, focussing our mind on the Ishtadevatha or favourite deity, we burn our bad karmas and empower our free-will to make right decisions by the Grace of the Lord. This will also increase our deep sleep hours of sleep (Shusupti), which is very important for healthy living and thinking.

Dwell in God and Deal with the world affirmatively and tranquilly.

Start Meditation

Everyone has to spend sometime (min 15-20 mins.) focussing their mind on his or her personal GOD (Upasana) by doing meditation or Japa. This will help one achieve over a period of time, one-pointedness concentration leading to expansion of mind. Without this Vikshepa or projecting power of Mayic mind cannot be overcome. Removing impurities through satsangh or selfless actions alone not enough to realise God or to use free will rightly. In fact many people who refuse to spend personal time with God due to laziness or Prarabdha or without proper Guidance have the following problems in spite of being good or selfless.

– getting confused with worldly dis order

– not able to decide rightly on practical issues

– Fear of death or insecurity

– miserliness

– not trusting anyone

– lack of equal vision and equanimity and so on.

Only Upasana can solve these problems or shortcomings.

Please start doing Japa or Meditation. It will be difficult for few days but you will enjoy it and start experiencing benefits once you cross 21 days. Best time for doing Jaoa or Meditation – Early mornings and Sandhya Kalam (near sunset)

GF Blessings.