Hanuman and Veena of Narada Muni – A Story on Importance of Holy People

Hari Om

Once when Lord Hanuman was with his mother, Ketari they heard the magical sound of a beautiful instrument veena and someone singing of Krishna’s holy name.

Ketari who recognised the enchanting music, said, “It must be Narada Muni coming!”

Hanuman who was confused, asked, “Who is this Narada Muni?”

 Ketari replied, “He is a great soul who doesn’t need any introduction. A mere encounter with him and you will quickly learn the greatness of this man instantly.”

 Hanuman, wanted to definitely meet Narada and jumped at this opportunity as Narada was passing by to meet a Rishi. He leaped towards Narada, did his pranams and said, “Narada Muni, I have heard so much about your legendary divine nature and I will be honoured to receive your blessings. I will not let you pass by without giving me your powerful blessings.”

 Narada replied, “What blessing do you wish for?”

Hanuman said, “The demigods have bestowed so many blessings on me. Hence, I cannot think of anything specifically, so you think of a blessing and you give it to me.”

Narada thought for a minute, “What blessing does Hanuman already not possess?”

After careful thinking he said, “You will become skilled in music and excel.”

 Thus, Hanuman got blessing of music, and Narada Muni said, “So I have given you the benediction and now you must let me go.”

 Hanuman said, “One minute, one minute.”

He then asked Narada, “How will I know if I am an expert in music?” Hanuman questioned. “I have learnt from my father that you are the expert in music. You must hence bless that I become an expert like you and excel you.”

 So, Narada said, “All right, I shall sit for a while longer and listen to you.”

“Shall I start singing?” Hanuman asked.

“Yes.” Narada Muni put his veena on a rock, and he sat down on the ground.

As Hanuman selected his song, a tune which would melt the rock, and he began to sing it devotedly. The rock melted and the veena was in the liquid form. He kept singing until the veena started floating in the liquid rock created.

 Narada, who was feeling liberated by his music, had his eyes closed enjoying in a trance. He then accepted, “All right Hanuman, you are now the most prolific musician. You can stop singing now.”

Hanuman said, “You open your eyes and tell me if I should I stop singing.”

Narada said, “What do you mean?”

Hanuman replied, “You must open your eyes to undertstand.”

So, Narada opened his eyes and looked around. However, he didn’t notice the veena floating in the stone water and mistakenly said, “Yes, you can stop singing.”

 As Hanuman stopped singing, and the liquid stone became rock, and the veena was stuck.

As Narada tried to leave, he took his veena but it wouldn’t move. Narada was startled and said, “What did you do, Hanuman?”

 Hanuman said in his mischievous spirit, “I merely sang a song. You gave me the ability sing and excel so I followed your blessings and guidance. I have been a good boy the whole week.”

 Narada said smilingly, “One week of doing nothing means that before that week a lot.”

And then Hanuman told him all about what he had done including the fact of swallowing the sun and Narada became very pleased.

 Then he said, “Now, you need to sing the song you sang earlier so I can retrieve my veena.”

Hanuman said, “Well, I let me see….”

Narada Muni said, “Please do it!”

 After thinking carefully, “I won’t,” Hanuman said, and he leapt and ran inside the palace, all around. So, Narada Muni was running after Hanuman who was just running from one room to another.

 Finally, Narada Muni become extremely tired and gave up, “Hey Hanuman, please come and give me my veena back. I have to leave soon and offer my services elsewhere!”

 Just then Ketari came out, and when she saw Narada Muni she touched his feet and spoke – “What is my son doing, is he troubling you?”

Narada said, “Oh no, no trouble, just that he got my veena stuck in the rock.” Ketari said, “Oh no, he has started his mischief once again!”

 Hanuman, get Narada’s veena out of the rock at once!” said Ketari.

And then Hanuman said, “I wanted Narada Muni’s divine feet to touch every room in this palace so that we can receive his blessings fully. He has now touched and blessed all the rooms and he has made our home a holy place of pilgrimage. The dust from his lotus feet is so rare that what is the use of just having it in one part of our kingdom? We should have it all over. Now I can give him back his veena.”

 Narada said, “You are already blessed thoroughly as Lord Rama’s eternal devotee and servant.” So, Hanuman went and sang for Narada, who swiftly took his veena and left.


Guru bhakti is the most important and sacred of all. A Holy person is not jealous or envious of another. They are pleased when other people are happy and successful and are of Godly nature. They are not resentful and are happy to bless their devotees with qualities and virtues better than what they possess. As in the case nof Hanuman who was blessed to be an even better musician than Narada himself.

 This story also puts forth the importance of Guru in a person’s life, shows the value of visit of holy people at our home. The path to attain moksha or God is aided through ones Guru. One does not only need to go to holy places of pilgrimage but must also invite holy people to their house and make their home a holy place instead.

 Anjanaya Veera Hanumantha Sura
Vayu Kumara Vanara Veera
Anjanaya Veera
Vayu Kumara
Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram,
Seetha Ram Jai Radhey Shyam

Brave Hanuman, Son of the Wind God. Brave Lord of the Vanaras (monkeys). Victory to Seetha and Ram, and Radha and Krishna.

 GF’ Blessings.