FAQ on good people and children suffering

Hari Om

FAQ: Guruji, Please explain: Why do good people suffer due to serious ill health or bad experiences in the present birth?

Why cannot GOD punish people in the same birth itself instead of punishing them in the future (births) as they cannot realize that they are punished for a reason of the past? Why do infants get ill or suffer in poverty?

Answer: All suffering, pain and pleasure experienced by Humans in the present birth are only effects of past birth actions. The intent and motives behind our actions or reactions to these effects are the cause of karmas for future birth.

A womaniser, an alchoholic, one who wants to abuse others; being a gay or lesbian… these are all only effects of previous birth habits or karmic actions; and the suffering or health issues that one gets are due to the effects of bad habits or actions.

This is the game or sport (Lila) of God. If you want your future births to be happy, you have to think, speak and act with goodness now.

Just like how a calf can identify the mother cow from a crowd of thousands of cows, the Karma can identify its soul (Jeevatma) in a new body and reach it at appropriate time to create a situation good or bad for it in the next life.

Whatever happening to you this life is the effect karma and your present intents and motives in this life are your cause karma for next life. Your visible actions may give results this life itself good or bad but your invisible actions, intent and motives create charge karmas to be experienced only in next life.

Your longevity, career, wealth and diseases are all already decided and sealed when you are in your mother’s womb based on your past karmas (Punya or Papa) and these are the effects to be unfolded (as also revealed by your birth chart or horoscope).

Stay away from bad motives or intentions as you are suffering already for the past motives and intentions. Act without Ego, hatred, expectations and attachment you will not add charge or cause karmas.

Again please understand that your entire present life, the good and bad experiences you have, are only effects of previous life actions. What you earn, where you live and whom you marry; To whom you are born, what type of health issues you experience, etc., are all only the effects of previous life actions. The whole life experience is ‘effect’ karma or ‘discharge’ karma. You create or cause karma by your free-will, while responding or reacting to these effects, and this, will be your fruits for the future births.

We have to change our intent, motives and attitudes right now for our future to be good. Every karma, like a seed, takes 10, 20, 30, 40 even 100 or more or less years to give appropriate fruits (effects), as does a plantain, mango or coconut or jackfruit seed.

If you plant a seed now, you won’t get fruit today or tomorrow; you have to wait for the right time and circumstances for fruition. In the same way, our karmic seeds caused by our thoughts, speech and actions, will ripen and get fructified at the appropriate time. That is why we experience certain things at certain times.

Also, the body does not experience such pain or suffering – it is the mind enlivened by the soul which experiences this. For this entity is constant to you, be it in the past body or the present one; and time is only a relative factor like we see in physics. The mind, after death, travels to a different body, one that you have acquired thanks to the fruits of your past deeds.

The mind, thus acquiring different bodies, discharges the effect karmas.

The mismatch of the timings of cause and effect through body-mind experiences is called Maya. The mismatch or delay in the timing of fruition is the cause of all apparently insupportable or ludicrous happenings such as, an infant or a child dies out of a deadly disease or born deaf or blind, good people suffering, or bad people enjoying.

To overcome Maya and become detached to the body and the mind, is the spiritual practice. This leads to Enlightenment.

We have to understand that fundamentally we are not this body or mind (emotions) or intellect or senses, which are ephemeral and finite. We are essentially the eternal soul which is identical with the Supreme soul – God. As long as we believe that we are this body and mind complex, we have the Ego consciousness operating, and the karmas will continue to bind you. You cannot escape their mysterious functioning and their effects through the timing mismatch that I have explained above.

For doing good actions you need good prarabdha karmas in operation but for cultivating good intent, motive and attitude it is your free-will which is to be used and can be achieved by All irrespective of their present background or status. Shedding the Ego is the only way to escape such binding karmas. This can be done either by Wisdom or Gnan by the grace of a Guru; through detachment or through concentrated devotion (Ananya Bakthi), by unconditional surrender.

Hope it is clear.

GF’ Blessings. Om Tat Sat.